Arnhem/1st British Airborne Division/Op.Market Garden book collection

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    Actually $225 is not a bad price. It’s an excellent, well researched book. Originally published in 2013 it quickly sold out. Even a recent reprint (which was being sold at just shy of £90 a copy) sold out almost immediately. If you look on Abebooks they can be a lot pricier.
    Like many of the better books on Arnhem it’s a question of supply and demand. You either have to take a chance and get a copy as soon as they're published or wait and pay the premium to buy a copy when the reviews are out. Knowing the extent and quality of Jack’s research it’s not really taking a chance.
    Jack Didden’s other book, Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107 (published 2017), now also sells at about £200 per copy.
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    I am looking for a copy of "Four days at Arnhem" a small booklet by Niall Cherry.
    Anybody know where to buy a copy??

    Also still trying to find copies of "The airborne club",both vol's by newlyn
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    Hi Gents, not sure if it's on here already somewhere, but for the completists the book 'Slipstream' by Raymond and Langdon contains an eight page account 'I was at Arnhem' by F/Lt A A Williams, who claims to be the only RAF member landed by glider.
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