Arnhem/1st British Airborne Division/Op.Market Garden book collection

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Paul Pariso, Mar 6, 2009.

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    .... :mellow:
  3. von Poop

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    What is it about Arnhem/Airborne subjects that triggers so many handbags...

    Why are you not using your original login, mate?
    Dual IDs not allowed really.

    I'm with JB - quite a lot of irony there really.
  4. von Poop

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    And I would ask the same of LanceBombardier.

    I really don't get all the cloak & dagger sneaky beaky stuff.
  5. Paul Pariso

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    OK guys last request, please PM one another with the catty remarks and keep them off the thread :mad:
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  6. horsapassenger

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    I wish it were that easy. I think that the above posts have confirmed one thing for me, something that I have long suspected - the true identity of Stamp is Philip Reinders.

    As you now suggest I sent him an email about the unauthorised use of my photographs in his booklet a week ago and he has yet to reply.

    It seems that it needs a public adverse comment to be made about his publications before he is prepared to respond and then in his normal offensive manner.

    I thought that the purpose of this book thread was to discuss books about Arnhem, with freely expressed opinion as to whether they were good or bad, worth buying or not. If I didn't know you better I would suspect that you were attempting to censor further comment or debate about this particular book because of your involvement.

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  7. Paul Pariso

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    Hello John,

    I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the merits or otherwise of the booklet being discussed in a constructive, friendly manner but sadly this would appear to be impossible in this instance. Your suggestion that I would try to stifle such debate because of my "involvement" is quite ludicrous. Honestly John, do you really think I give a monkey's? I was merely trying to prevent this thread being used as a battleground. I was asked to read through a piece of work and correct any spelling/grammar mistakes which I did. Unfortunately it seems that I made a few mistakes and for that I am genuinely sorry. I do find it kind of rich though when lancebombardier (whoever he/she is?) criticises the grammar in the booklet, whilst using error strewn English of his/her own! People in glasshouses and all that! ;)

    But let's cut to the chase here John, this isn't really about the booklet is it? It's about the ongoing personal feud between the various "Arnhem factions" and to be perfectly frank with you I'm sick to death of the whole bloody thing! All parties know me well enough I hope, to realise that I've tried my damnedest to remain neutral over the years and to see things from all sides. I've always attempted to be friends with and respect everyone concerned and to not take sides. This, I feel, gives me the ability to have an overview on this and I have come to the following conclusion. You're all as bad as one another!

    You all seem to take some form of pleasure from constantly sniping away at each other and I find it extremely sad and very childish. I have no idea whether or not any perceived "copyright" was broken by Philip and to tell you the truth, I'm past caring. That's for the two of you to thrash out and I'm not going to be dragged into your row. I am, to be perfectly frank with you John, sick and tired of being "piggy in the middle" (no pun intended). Therefore, I've decided to take a step back and I no longer intend to participate in this forum.

    I've had a great time here and made quite a few mates but I feel that enough is enough.

    OK, I've said my piece, I'm now off on a two week holiday where I won't hear the word "Arnhem" at all!

    Goodbye all, it's been fun (most of the time) :salut: ................
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  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I never read this thread as I have very little interest in it or anything airborne to be honest.
    I have to agree with Paul Pariso, it all seems so petty the 'arnhem factions'
    Have a good holiday Paul & do come back to the forum.
    Sensible Arnhem discussion is welcome.
    To the others, wind yer necks in & be nice to eachother.
    I'm sure the Para &Waffen-SS Veterans get on better with eachother than you lot.
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  9. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Well said, Paul.
    I think just about everyone agrees it'd be a shame to lose you though.
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  10. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Can't agree more Paul.

    Enjoy your break and do come back to us.
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  11. Lofty1

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    This is all very sad,

    Have a good holiday Paul,--------- but please you don't leave YOUR book thread.
  12. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Enjoy your holiday and do come back, there is alot of families out there who will benefit from your knowledge on this forum, dont let one mans comments ruin it for you rise above it
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  13. JohnS

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    In my opinion, the idea of copyright of wartime photos is a tricky thing. Over the years, a number of veterans have given me photographs to use that they've had since the war. Most of these are originals that someone in the unit took so the photographer is owner of the copyright. However, by handing these photos out to the guys in his unit, he has given them the rights as well. So, when one of the veterans gives out a photo to someone to use in a book, I think that since he holds the rights to the photo (which he is probably in) this is all legal. Now, if this happens a few times and the same photo is used in different books then we have a couple of different listings on the copyright. I think that both are the correct copyright.
    Example: for the Storm Boat Kings both Russ Kennedy and Bob Tate gave me a lot of photos to use. Most of these were original, but there were a few duplicates. Now, who owns the copyright? Both I think.

    Am I right or do we need a lawyer to sort this all out? Noooooooooooooo!

    Now having said all that, I don't think that most veterans care who owns the copyright as long as they are remembered. I know that Russ and Bob were very happy to see their photos in a book and I did my best to respect their property.

  14. airborne medic

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    I expect most people on here are aware of the book Arnhem A Few Vital Hours but I know there are are very few copies left if any with the publisher but Meijers and Segers (hope I've got that right) - the bookstore in Oosterbeek on Thursday 03/07 had three copies for sale...
  15. Tom Wallace

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    HAHAHA...FINALLY! I wondered when it was going to get 'frosty' on this thread. Of all the people I've met who have a WWII hobby or interest, those that are into the battle of Arnhem are the oddest of folk. Sure, we all have an interest or a hobby, otherwise we wouldn't be posting on these forums would we?

    Whether you're the Arnhem book collecting/obsessive/freak/nerd Mr Pariso [no idea where that'll get him], have the ego of Horsa Passenger [Simon Haines] or you're 'Captain Personality' himself Airborne Medic [Niall Cherry], we all share the same interest, yet we don't all agree on how things 'are', 'were' or 'should be' do we?

    IMHO what's been lacking here for decades is a Batlle of Arnhem seminar. A huge meet-up where the battle is covered from top to bottom and for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and information. I say again...'sharing' knowledge and information! No top table and no guest speakers and have it open to everyone that has stuff to share. Get Duxford involved and have a hands on kit display. Have demonstrations of kit used at the time. Even have a 'what if' debate.

    I'd like to think we would all walk away with a clearer understanding of the battle and maybe even publish our findings.

    What do you say?
  16. idler

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    A book!!


    Published in 2001 by the Spalding Parachute Regiment Association
  17. Skip

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    Interesting ... wouldn't mind a copy of that one ...
  18. airborne medic

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    Also a small booklet on a 10th Btn man has recently surfaced......

    Attached Files:

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  19. Sussex by the Sea

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    Are there any further copies to purchase?

  20. Sussex by the Sea

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    I would like a copy of that booklet!


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