Book Review Arnhem 1944: Battle for the Bridges; Anthony Beevor

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    Oh dear, Conrad Black is not much of a historian is he!
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    Agreed. He is normally a phenomenal writer but that book review fell well below his usual standard.
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    The New York Review of Books has a lengthy review of Beevor's book by Max Hastings. He opens with:
    He ends with:
    Link: Botch on the Rhine

    I have not read this book, nor plan to; years ago I did enjoy reading his books on Berlin and Stalingrad. So I add this as I expect it will be of interest and possibly arouse comment as Max Hastings is the reviewer.
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    Germans were better, man for man? Horseshit, Mr. Hastings. Go read some more books and serious scholarly articles, as in a lot more. You can start with John Buckley.
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    I gave in and borrowed a copy from the library and it was ok, nothing much new in it and certainly not a great addition to an already massively over emphasised operation. As Mr Beevor seems to be writing on subjects that his publishers know will sell, I expect to see a Battle of Britain, Cassino and Alamein trilogy next. ☹️


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    Has he done Op. Chastise?
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    I think, and this is absolutely my own opinion, Max Hastings comments in his review are based more on his own soldiering ability than that of the men, and women, of Arnhem (on either side). And yes, I would gladly say that to Mr Hastings face to face.

    Kind regards, always,

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    I've read his "Churchill's Bodyguard"
    A few strange discoveries.......
    HMS Prince of Wales was a destroyer
    Land Rovers in North Africa
    And a mistress in the WRAF

    Can't be sued by the original cast, as most of them are gone.
    A bit like the film.
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    I read his book on Berlin and I was not impressed . Clear errors and sensationalism like the “ Danzig human soap factory “ . Nothing new . All re hashed. Last book of his I’ll read

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