Army Surplus.

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    WWI surplus.

    Spotted this great cover on Facebook today showing a sporterized M1917/P14 Enfield.
    January 1939

    Receiver site and ears have been milled off, hand-guard removed and open site installed.
    Notice the unique crooked bolt handle and safety. I think his spaniel is wondering why he isn't cleaning his shotgun :)

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    Hey, I was agreeing with him when I said 'Right' :)
    I guess I should have said 'correct'
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    I'm pretty sure there is already a thread on this but I wasn't able to find it. If anyone would like to move or merge this please feel free.

    Saw this 3" M5 anti-tank gun outside the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
    I didn't know that this is the gun they use for Presidential Salutes in Washington, DC. I thought they were modern 105s


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    Now theres a thought - 3" M5 anti tank gun - President - wonder how you could connect the two ?? :omg::rolleyes:o_O:whistle:

    Merry Xmas

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    In 1981 the newly formed Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) used Eland armoured cars to "brew up" ex-ZIPRA soldiers who mutinied, who had access to armoured vehicles (BTR-152). Rumour was that some British soldiers helped drive them and aim the guns.

    Wiki has remarkably comprehensive entry: 1981 Entumbane uprising - Wikipedia
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    Maybe you need to drop a hint to - er indoors as an idea for next Xmas - or birthday whichever is sooner

    Go on you know you want to (said the little devil on your shoulder) - it would save on books as you would have one right there in front of you

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    Thank you all for a great thread. I really enjoyed reading it.:cheers:
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