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  1. Chris Manning59

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    HELP ! please
    I have searched high and low for my dads army records and it seems he never existed.
    He joined the Royal Signals in 1945 I've photos of him in uniform and in Germany after the end of the war,
    however when i try and check any records (I don't have his service number) I draw a blank. Its as if he never existed.
    I know he was in the home guard London before he was called up into the regular army and that before he died he told me that when the war finished he was attached to military intelligence but he doesnt seem to exist,
    can anyone point me in the right direction please as Im determined to find out.
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  3. Chris Manning59

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    Thank you ill give it a go but it says that his service number is mandatory...
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    If you have a look at the form it states: "SERVICE NUMBER AND/OR DATE OF BIRTH MUST BE INCLUDED"

    As per earlier post, nothing has changed: Uniform identity
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