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    Hi, does anyone know if this is a British Army tag and what period it is from??

    The name is G Lally and the number is 19099391.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi DBF,

    thank you. I still can't identify it, it doesn't seem to be like that one from your post to me.

    I guess I need to try to find out where the 8 digit number was from.




    I've been having another look at it & it looks to me like the last digit which appears to be a 1 is a bit more separated, so I think that the number could actually be 1909939 which is from the Royal Engineers.
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    As the number appears to be hand stamped then differences between the numbers will occur - as opposed to being machine stamped where the gaps would be more consistent.



    Yes I was just thinking that the last digit 1 must be part of the whole number though otherwise why would it be there?? The number must be 19099391 then.
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    For reference, a 1941 memo from WO 162/205
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    Good evening. I came across this by accident, and noticed my Grand father's number seems to be included with the Coldstream Guards. I had heard a rumour this may be the case, but so far have only found he served with 5th Bn Kings Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster). His number was 2653277.
    I have service records, but nothing even suggests Coldstream. How can I shed light on this?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    I'd suggest you write to Wellington Barracks and ask if they can confirm whether records are held in relation to that Army Number for your grandfather. If so, you could then apply for copy of any paperwork held by them.

    See this linked post for address etc.

    Good luck
  10. WTheobald

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    Thank you very much. I will do that. Thank you also for your kind welcome.
  11. Tullybrone

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    Can you confirm the dates your grandfather served - just to make sure he joined up Post 1920.


    Steve Y
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    I have someone who's number was 6286502 this would put him as enlisted with The Buffs (East Kents).

    But i know he was in the Royal Artillery and part of 6 HAA Regt.

    So presumably he transferred to the RA at some point before 1942 as he was captured by the Japanese in Feb 1942 whilst in 6 HAA Regt.

    Can anyone put a date on his enlistment please?

    Or correct me if I'm wrong.

    Many Thanks

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  14. Si1964

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    I have looked at the listing on Army numbers and have a TFEM Group to a chap in the Buffs, but, his # is 6515155 and cant seem to see where this is from.....but most prob have missed it but any help or guidance would be super
  15. AB64

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    Any idea about these numbers 14,010,846 - 14,079,584 - 14,087,438 I have paybooks to these 3 and all are 1945 Enlistments but don't fit in the list?


  16. AB64

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    And another 2 that fall between blocks 6,595,541 & 6,596,263


  17. Tullybrone

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    Perhaps they were renumbered in 1948 when all 3 services went on to the same 8 figure number sequence?

    No idea re 7 figure numbers.

  18. AB64

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    The later 2 were both the London Regiment (I think) in WW1 - looking in Kings Regulations which has the number blocks there is an entry for London Regiment but with no numbers but with a footnote that "records are maintained by the record offices administering the corps to which these units belong (see army order 49 of 1926)" so not sure if its in some way linked to that.
  19. AB64

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    I've ha e had a look at the first 3 with the 14,... numbers and they seems to have been the numbers given in 1945, 1 has a piece of paperwork from 1946 with he number and another has a 1947 note of the number.
  20. DanMackay

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    Hi all, haven't posted in forever. I wasn't even sure if I even had an account still. I have an unusually large collection of identification tags, or dog-tags if you will! I noticed a gap in the blocks of issue numbers for WW2. This has always puzzled me. Does anyone know for sure what the gap in the 14000000's is, I have all these tags and no idea what unit issued the numbers? I can't get to the bottom of it.
    14005453 HARVEY SM
    14006717 MACRAE AA PRES
    14009793 STEEL A CE
    14010908 NEWBURY FG CE
    14014841 MOSS RL CE
    14015073 DICKINSON EW CE
    14015766 KING G METH
    14016112 BOULTER J CE
    14025132 WILDING A CE
    14025181 ROSE GW
    14025867 CRABB GWF CE
    14026328 FOSTER WJ CE
    14026331 JERUIS JL
    14028118 SMITH JH
    14029103 BOYFIELD PS CE
    14029986 GALLOWAY G
    14032015 BRADSHAW L RC
    14032106 LEE E CE
    14033165 PEIRCE HJW CE
    14033177 REEVE CA CE
    14034200 WATSON R CE
    14034778 WILLIAMS ACD CE
    14035945 MARTIN FB CE
    14036975 ROBB KC CE
    14037127 JENKINS PD
    14039772 LARTER WG CE
    14041547 ROBERTSON EJC RC
    14042218 WHITBY S
    14043491 PEYTON LT CE
    14044843 SIMMONS JK
    14045879 LENEHAN H RC
    14047367 DAFFERN DJE CE
    14047370 FOUNTAIN WC CE
    14047378 PRATT PG
    14047446 LEROY AS
    14048800 FINLAY TL PRES
    14049530 MACKEDDIE S PRES
    14053892 BREESE C CE
    14057861 FACCHINI AA RC
    14057862 FENWICK SG
    14058220 OWEN CJH CE
    14058727 ROGERS JA RC
    14061212 MACFARLANE R
    14061609 OWLETT S
    14062135 WORSFOLD LW CE
    14062703 SMITH AAG CONG
    14062729 READ GC CE
    14064582 SUTHBERT F PRES
    14065447 BOYES G CE
    14065856 WRIGHT G CE
    14067627 GOLDFINCH RF CE
    14068279 LIGHTFOOT NH CE
    14069044 RANGER AJ CE
    14074254 BIRCH J
    14074771 MATTHEWS D
    14074872 BICHENG AT CE
    14075264 BRADDICK RJ RC
    14075567 DUPRE JP CE
    14076049 BOWERS RK CE
    14076646 SIMMONITE P CE
    14077031 LEWIS W RC
    14080458 LAWSON S CE
    14084925 BODYCOTE J
    14085791 HARVEY JFC CE
    14088545 SAUNDERS DA
    14088761 FRANCIS I BAPT
    14090086 NORMAN FM
    14090619 NICE L CE
    14090660 BREWER AF CE
    14091224 RAYSON GJW
    14092921 LINDOP JG
    14094259 AMERY E CE
    14094260 BOWER WJF RC
    14094563 WALKER K CE
    14097619 WHATLEY D CE
    14098414 WALKER C CE
    14100637 QUAYLE A METH
    14101115 SCOULDING AE BAPT
    14101437 PERRIN PC RC
    14104956 EDMONDSON G
    14112459 BRAY JE CE
    14114148 PEARSON AE CE
    14114426 UPHAM G CE
    14114901 SELLICK PJ RC
    14114916 EVERITT IP CE
    14115671 PENNIGARD S CE
    14116760 COX HF CE
    14118233 HANNEY PWR CE
    14118723 BOOTHROYD D
    14121509 GREEN LA CE
    14124366 HALL CE
    14124659 MALIN JP CE
    14124707 POWELL WCB CE
    14124874 HERITAGE R CE
    14125378 LYONS J PRES
    14126500 GAFFING RP
    14126693 MARR TJ RC
    14127097 HANLEY P CE
    14127324 ROGERS JD CE
    14128681 HAGUE F CE
    14129038 GRAINGE JA CE
    14130953 OWEN TE
    14131290 WEATHERLEY HD
    14131718 FORRISTAL PJ
    14132771 BOYCE CS CE
    14133258 SCOTT WW METH
    14134464 ABBOTT RR CE
    14135739 SMITH J PRES
    14137562 HART JS CE
    14137654 BISHOP WD
    14137733 HAMMOND CED CE
    14138076 GARVIE F
    14138515 BIRD W CE
    14138583 FULLER A CE
    14138588 GEARY G
    14139480 TATE DJD CE
    14139986 PARISH GJ
    14139986 PARRISH GJ CE
    14141158 NORRIS AR CE
    14141307 JAMES JW BAPT
    14141507 PHILLIPS CS
    14142342 ROBINSON W CE
    14142370 PARKER RW RC
    14142614 DOUGHERTY JJ
    14142975 WILLIAMS FJ CE
    14143858 TOOMBS JH
    14143878 WEDD ATW CE
    14144857 SWAIN NAR CE
    14146319 HOLTON DF CE
    14146363 SYMONDS GG
    14147413 RUSSELL E CE
    14147500 GREER JB
    14147505 HALL FE
    14147603 WOODS TC CE
    14149077 SMITH HWG
    14150534 HARDY D
    14150878 CONEY AE
    14150885 COVINGTON SA CE
    14150908 FLETCHER M CE
    14150982 STAGG LW CE
    14151089 SMITH R CE
    14151323 OXBERRY R CE
    14152702 BLAIR J METH
    14153107 HEMINGWAY K CE
    14155128 BOWDITCH PJ
    14155625 BRADLEY E CE
    14155649 DAVIES JH METH
    14155707 HODGKISS SR BAPT
    14155761 PARFITT DW CE
    14156387 SWIFT CF CE
    14156657 HURST JN CE
    14157219 MOORE HM PRES
    14158916 PICKERSGILL AH
    14159684 MARTIN TH CE
    14160256 ROEBUCK C CE
    14160644 HALSALL KS METH
    14161937 SMITH EJ CE
    14162110 GRAY T RC
    14162781 COTTON IA RC
    14163728 TRIGGS KD CE
    14164050 BRADY D RC
    14164973 HALSTEAD D CE
    14165487 JACKSON R CE
    14165598 TYLER HW CE
    14165637 BIRD L CE
    14165901 SMITH D
    14166167 MCNINCH D CE
    14166311 LEDBURY G CE
    14166442 THOMAS
    14166717 JONES TR METH
    14167425 EAST RA
    14168351 BERRY A CE
    14169365 HICKS J CE
    14169510 LIEBMAN L
    14171190 HIGGINS JA CE
    14171618 LEWIS AFH
    14172003 SWANSTON K
    14172165 BOGGIS BG CE
    14172640 HOWARTH EJ
    14172869 DIMMER RF CE
    14173046 SURTEES RE
    14173077 PALMER FW CE
    14173251 GUY H METH
    14173678 SMITH J CE
    14175319 TURNBULL T CE
    14176376 POTT R METH
    14176436 REID S CE
    14176485 FLEETWOOD RH
    14176772 HERBERT PM
    14178811 GUY GG CE
    14178811 GUY GG
    14179064 HOULT A CE
    14179259 BUTLER AG
    14179323 DURMAN P CE
    14179595 BRADFORD OW
    14179700 SCOTT WC CE
    14179759 BONE PM CE
    14180566 MOSS K CE
    14180766 FORD AM METH
    14180768 HARNWELL JA CE
    14180917 LEADER J
    14181888 DICKIE RJA PRES
    14182217 BLUNT C CE
    14182225 POTTS ES CE
    14182278 DICKINSON RM CE
    14182552 BLOOMER R CE
    14183511 DUNNING F
    14183940 COWREN RWW CE
    14184352 HALE JC CE
    14184560 DOUGLAS RC CE
    14184570 DOUGLAS MC PRES
    14184926 SMITH FEG
    14185124 DUNTON JS
    14185235 BOTTING KD CONG
    14185238 YOUNG RH CE
    14185440 COLES SC
    14185744 MADDEN D CE
    14185935 COLEMAN IHD J
    14186012 DAVIDSON TJ CE
    14186039 ELMS HD CE
    14186087 BILLINGS MT
    14186131 MILLS ID CE
    14186206 KNOX AH CE
    14186216 ELLIS PFR CE
    14186530 STEWART BF CE
    14187100 HAMMERTON HD CE
    14187287 WAIN G
    14187368 GAROULD WS CE
    14187377 DAULBY AG CE
    14187462 DENT EH CE
    14187879 DANIEL RED CE
    14187924 SKILLERN NH
    14188345 COWLING PG METH
    14188382 DESPERQUES RW CE
    14188492 CRAWFORD JW
    14188816 DUGGAN RTJ
    14189082 COLEMAN VC CE
    14189183 CASEY B
    14189418 CHARMAN JC
    14189690 COOPER CE
    14190261 DARCY JJ RC
    14190265 ROSS C
    14190342 DAWSON V CE
    14190354 DUNBAR AD CE
    14190549 DAVIES GH CE
    14190568 CAESAR LO CE
    14190684 PINCOMBE H
    14191201 PICKARD R CE
    14191277 DEAN HA CE
    14191868 PITMAN CR CE
    14192061 WAUGH L CE
    14192368 FITZGERALD JP RC
    14192421 BLOOMFIELD K CE
    14193448 ?OLLINGS GG CE
    14193861 HAYWARD FJ CE
    14193899 DAVIES EG CE
    14194273 DUNHAM HG CE
    14194432 PALMER H CE
    14194437 MORRIS NJ CE
    14194757 MCNALLY HE PRES
    14194807 MCLEAN AD PRES


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