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    Thanks for this as it does seem to make more sense than him being RASC.
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    Dear All,
    I have found this a most interesting thread....and many thanks for your input, which will no doubt help me in the future

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    I've read through this thread and found the lists of block numbers as allocated to the various regiments and corps. Can anyone tell me how I can work out the dates when certain numbers were allocated thereby discovering when individuals began their service?


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    Hi was wondering if anyone could make out these numbers for me. I have just got these from Glasgow they are my grandads ww1/2 numbers in ww1 he had 2332 then 44208 and 1466 these are written on his attestation form e501 says East lancs royal engineers.then on another form B103 if has TF35828 and 435 East lancs re field co re and then in ww2 on his attestation for it has D/14057 NDC 5/lancs Fus on another B Coy 101 group (NDC) then another 6th lancs Fus and finally 6th (HD) East lancs regiment.
    Do any of these Match any of the numbering it also said on ww1 form that he had previous experience before with 1st Manchester volunteers.
    Any help would be great thanks Simon
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    since getting my uncles service record I see while serving in the RUR's his number began in the 700's {7 digits} but in 1942 he was transferred to the London Irish Rifles and given a new number which was an 8 digit number beginning with 2251, would this be correct?
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    I would be most surprised if this was the case.

    Could you scan and then post the image of his record sheet that shows this rarity ?

    Many thanks !

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    I'm not sure if any one can help but here goes.

    I am researching a man who was killed whilst serving in with the 1st Battalion Hampshire Regiment in 1944.

    His service number was 5510610 which I know means that he must have joined prior to 1942 when the numbering system was changed. This number also appears to be towards the end of the number block allocated to the Hampshire Regiment. So I'm assuming that he enlisted perhaps in 1941?

    can anyone help?.....perhaps someone on here knows an approximate date of joining for another man with a similar number?

    All assistance gratefully received.


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    I have a number of PW officers from the Rennes Military Hospital and was wondering about how to track down their Regiment in a way similar for the enlisted. Yes I know it was not unusual to have the enlisted and officers move from Regiment to Regiment but it would give me a place to start.

    LT 277729 Anderson, R.
    LT 138463 Cork, H.
    CPT 158315 Wager, L. J. B.
    CPT 86932 Walker
    LT 259388 Walker, Christophe
    LT 145191 Warner, R. D.
    LT 210531 or 215031 Weiner, J. M.
    LT 295442 Smith, G. P. B.
    LT 300333 Bendall, P. M.
    WO 776172 Ballock, T. W. E.
    LT 311378 Bell, Allen
  9. Owen

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    Officers numbers are not related to regiment at all.
    They run consecutively.
    Have a look for them by number on the London Gazette website it may say who they were comissioned into.
  10. Mr Jinks

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    Anderson ......................Lothian and Borders Yeomanry (1950)

    Hubert Henry Cork.........Devon R.(1940)

    Leslie John Brookes Wager.. Gazette January 41 LG Pg 109 No35034 (Pg 108 with unit not shown)

    J M Walker ...Northumberland Fus (1940)

    C T Walker...Forresters (1948)

    Raymond Douglas Warner ..Som.L.Inf (1940)

    John Michael Wiener...Royal Armoured Corps(1941)

    Crossland Phillip Booth Smith...Royal Armoured Corps (1943)

    Bendall..No trace on that number

    Baldock ...Not an Officer Royal Artillery Enlistment

    Bell..No trace that number


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    As l said on your other thread, about the same subject, different guys, check out their Liberation Questionnaires, you will get more info there.

    Now l have a full formation of Blenheim's on the portal.


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    That is truly going the extra mile for another forum member. :)
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    And thank you very much for that Kyle. I was going through the Gazette myself and had pretty much the same results. Now I am going to look for Canadian officers the same way.
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    Whilst reading 'Charlie Company' by Peter Cochrane I saw this about one of the men's army number which made me smile on page 28.

    (A soldier with a common name always had the last two digits of his regimental number prefixed to it. As well as Smiths , we had of course a multitude of Camerons , Macdonalds and MacKenzies; there was one unfortunate signaller attached to D company whose number ended 0000 and was universally known as F___ all MacKenzie.)

    edit: I've just found another Mackenzie, same Bn but only 000 on end of number.,%20DONALD
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    Loved the F.......all story !

    In my mob it was alway the last 3 digits that were added, not the 2 as mentioned.

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    Hi All, only just found out (two days ago!!) that my grandfathers number was 37781 and was in the Welch Regiment, the info was on my Aunties birth certificate. We have a picture of him with trophies awarded for athletics but the badge seems to be something like the Shropshire Regiment! Any help would be appreciated as very little is known about his service ( good or bad)

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    Hi Cookster,

    You might be better off starting a new thread and post your grandfathers name;) If you are referring to the later blocks of numbers 37781 was in the RASC block. If you`re referring to WW1 perhaps you are seeking info on 37781 Fus David R Jones, Royal Welch Fusiliers or perhaps 37781 Pte Charles Haines Welch Regiment there`s loads of possibilities?

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    Thanks Kyle

    Its a real mixed bag regarding my grandfather, family stories etc. cloud things at the best of times! This is the first time ( other than the pic I mentioned previously) that anything concrete has turned up ( allegedly false names ages given when he first joined after WW1) but this number relates to 1939 and is down on my aunties birth certificate as Welch Regiment, but as I have said nothing would surprise me!!

    Again Many Thanks
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    Thanks TD,

    Any advice/guidance would be appreciated

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