Army Number Block Allocations

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    Might want to check the Militia/Intelligence Corps blocks on the data tab as it looks like they may be a digit short on the top of the militia and start of the Intel - other than that its very useful
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    Thanks AB64, will have another look at the weekend.

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    Hello all,
    can anyone tell me the date that we changed from these regimental numbers to the main army ones?
    thanks in advance
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    See post 13.
    Army Number Block Allocations
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    thanks Owen, what i really wanted to know was when the Royal Scots Fusiliers changed from using the 313 seven digit numbers to when they started using the 142 eight digit numbers. it seems to happen after 1940 but i can't fathom the transition date!

    many thanks again
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    That would be the move to recruits going to the GS Corps rather than direct individual units, February 1942 I think
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    Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 4256001 - 4334000 would this number belong to this please ? Albert Vernon 4266840
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    Thanks AB64 much appreciated.
  10. Owen

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    Agreed IWM says Feb 42 for the GSC.
    badge, headdress, British, General Service Corps.

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    This question was asked further up the thread but I don't think it got an answer:

    Were the 7 digit regiment numbers always issued sequentially/in order? i.e. if one soldier has a higher number than another soldier in the same regiment (in this case in the RAMC) does it guarantee that they joined at a later date?

    If so, then it places a relative having joined the RAMC at age 15 in 1930, would that have been possible? Probably a labourer/munitions worker rather than medical staff.

  12. Tullybrone

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    Joining at 15 would mean he joined as a boy. Boys were usually trained as musicians or tailors but on reaching 18 and commencing “mans” service could revert from their boys “trade” to general duties within their Regiment/corps.

    in relation to your enlistment query you ought to look at the various regimental/Corps enlistment books that are in the public domain to try and identify a pattern/answer to your query.

    Royal Artillery & Scots Guards enlistment books are on FMP and I think Royal Engineers may also be there. Various others are in regimental museums and county archives around the country.

  13. AB64

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    In general with in the bands they seem to go up in date order with maybe a little leeway of a few days/weeks at most - but in some units like RA/GS Corps they seem to jump about quite a lot - checking the RAMC numbers I've got in my list I can see 3 separate running sets - 7,2... - 7,3... (seems to combine with 7,4...) - 7,5 numbers where they seem to overlap so I think you can compare numbers within each 100,000 run but not between different runs (I know I'm not being very clear - in my head it is but as I type it just reads back as a jumble of random words). Basically I would say with RAMC higher number doesn't Guarantee later enlistment

    User Gelert seems to have done a lot of work with numbers and enlistment dates so may also have some useful input

    What is the relative who you think joined in 1930's number and we may be able to find something
  14. GoldmanT

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    It's xxxxxxx - definitely there in 1939 (marked as a sergeant but that might be unreliable), I would think it unlikely he joined in/before 1930 but I guess it's possible.
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    Removed at Goldmans request.

    P.s Others cannot help without as much detail as possible but I comply to the request .The information is already on the web its just knowing where to look and the members on here are really good at finding out facts .Good Luck.

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  16. AB64

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    He's about midway between these 2 I have, so I'd say around 1930 not impossible, but the enlistees per year must have varied whoch could throw teh pattern out

    7,254,986 06/12/20
    7,266,659 15/09/39

    Medal rolls show he was on the N W Frontier 1935 so that narrows it down a bit

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  17. AB64

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    Looks like between 1931 and 1935 then, hopefully someone can narrow it down further
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    Thanks for this, I hadn't found the two medal references.

    Could I ask you to please leave the first paragraph but remove the rest of the personal details, I just don't want them showing up in web searches at the moment. Thank you.
  19. GoldmanT

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    Yeah that really helps at this stage, thank you, even just prior to 1935 gives a different picture to what I had. I've requested service records now anyway so that should clear things up - does anyone know how long Glasgow are taking to send out records in these Covid times?
  20. GoldmanT

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    Thanks for that, if I have any further questions when the service records come then I'll know where to ask, just the date range helps me trace other family now.

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