Army Class or Date of birth - meaning??

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    The attached (thanks to a previous contributor) is an example of an enlistment details form. Heading 6 is to be completed with either Army Class or date of enlistmebnt as appropriate (I usually see AC.for Army Class)

    While the words are clear enough, I'd be most grateful for an explanation of that element of the form.


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    Max you appear to have conflated 6. with 7.

    Seems to me the "either/or" covers a transfer to or an enlistment directly into Unit
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 11.01.14.png
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    Indeed thank you, post amended No wiser though on "Army Class".

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    As it is a form used the 1920’s I think the reference to the Army Class was a throwback to the WW1 Derby Scheme/conscription system when men were called up in “age classes”. It might’ve been anticipated they would maintain that rigid “call up” system in any later war hence they pre printed the B102 in that format.

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    Thank you Steve. Would you go so far as to say that AC was for call ups under the National Service Act and date of enlistment for others (reserves, time expired etc)?

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    Hi Max,

    I’ve had a look at a handful of B102’s posted on various topics in the Service Records forums.

    During WW2 they were still using the same format of B102 as you have queried.

    None of the forms I looked at for wartime conscripts had any entry under the AC sub heading all merely noting the “call up” date under the “Enlistment” sub heading.

    IMHO Recalled reservists wouldn’t have their recall date noted at this part of the B102 - it would be more usually on their statement of services form.

    During WW2 time expired men could either re enlist or be subject to conscription. In either case they ought to have continued under their previous army number if they disclosed it and the previous service papers would be attached to the wartime papers.

    Although I haven’t seen any B102 for time expired men I’d hazard a guess that the B102 would reflect the date of conscription or enlistment for the wartime period of service only.

    From the forms I have seen I think it was the norm pre war to note the Enlistment date (as AC group didn’t apply) and that practice merely continued once conscription was introduced.

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    Thank you for taking time to look at this Steve. I have a snippet (photocopier folk messed up so not attached) of one war time conscription with AC entered against Type of Engagement which, taken with what you have suggested about a throw back to the Derby Scheme, seems to indicate using Army Class as a shorthand to indicate conscription.

    Like so many of these things, in the great scheme of things it matters not one iota but as said on another thread, I hate seeing an abbreviation and not knowing what it means (and suspecting an imaginative clerk!)

    Thanks again

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