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  1. 2nd ches

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    anyone know what this might be?
    He joined the Army 12/10/1933, could it possibly be somthing to do with his "passing out".

    Thanks, Tony

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  2. von Poop

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    This looks like a clear explanation from an 'Owen4256' on the GWF Tony:

    "Third Class Certificate of Education" upon discharge - Great War Forum
    In 1861 a new inducement towards learning was the army certificate of education. On the recommendation of the Council of Military Education three levels or standards were set out and were linked with promotion in the ranks.

    The third-class certificate specified the standard for promotion to the rank of corporal: the candidate was to read aloud and to write from dictation passages from an easy narrative, and to work examples in the four compound rules of arithmetic and the reduction of money.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  3. 2nd ches

    2nd ches Junior Member

    thanks Von poop, I knew some one would know what it was.
  4. Rich Payne

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    In an age when most left school at 14 with no paper qualifications (although often with a higher standard of literacy and numeracy than we might expect today) the army needed some way of measuring basic standards.
  5. von Poop

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    I'm sure I've seen a set of these for my Grandad, as he joined the signals at 15 & was in for c.40 years I can't see him having got much of a conventional education elsewhere.
  6. 2nd ches

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    just some more info, my grandad got his 2nd class certificate in January 1935 whilst serving in Malta.
  7. urqh

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    The army school of preliminary education still existed in the late 70's early 80's. Nope I didnt attend I was attached to the underground govt bolt hole in Corsham at Raf Rudloe Manor next door. The guys in the school were unfortunately the butt of the RAF and Navy PO school nearby at Fort Arthur and many a fight was caused by insulting them at the local club known as Joes bar that stood in the middle of the 3 camps. The guys were sent there before joining their parent units or even before Basic training to bring their educational skills up to a level thought necesessary for their future training.

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