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    In May 1940, the 1st Armoured Division took two substantial workshop units to France as follows:

    a) 1st Divisional Section of the Armoured Corps Workshop RAOC

    b) 1st Armoured Division Workshop RAOC

    I presume that the 1st Armoured Division Workshop was the standard divisional workshop with the standard WE, but what was the 1st Divisional Section of the Armoured Corps Workshop? And what was its relationship to the 1st Armoured Division Workshop? I assume its original purpose was to provide the permanent workshop facilities for the AFV Area at Pacy-sur-Eure, before it was diverted to Louviers. Is anyone able to confirm this?
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    There is a WE listed for it, so it doesn't appear to have been an extemporised unit. Unfortunately it isn't one I have so I can't offer any details. The three relevant WEs look to be;

    I/1931/14A/2 - Armoured Division Workshop, RAOC (this is one I have)
    I/1931/14B/2 - Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
    I/1931/14C/1 - Armoured Corps Workshop, RAOC

    Given they are all listed in that order in the WO24 indices they should all have the same or similar ACI date as 14A/2, which was 8th November 1939. Presumption on my part but I'd suppose it was planned to serve the expected pairing of 1st and 2nd Armoured Divisions. The Divisional Workshop had a Main Shop and three Light Repair Sections (sufficient for the two Armoured Brigades and Support Group), so I'd hazard that the Corps Workshop followed a similar pattern with Divisional Sections and a Main Shop.

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    Thanks very much Gary.

    1st Armoured Division were expected to be followed on to the Continent by the 2nd Armoured Division, who if IIRC were pencilled in to go to France in Nov 1940. Another, unnamed, armoured division was then expected to arrive in France in early 1941.

    Your answer does tend to support my thesis that the Armoured Corps Workshop was intended to be set up at Pacy-sur-Eure as a permanent(ish) repair establishment for the dedicated AFV Area.
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    To save you the trouble of looking, there was nothing obvious in the REME staff history. The doings of their predecessors are only covered in brief.
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    Yes, that's the one for the WE issued with 1939 ACI dates. The three I mentioned are found at pages 212, 213 and 214 respectively. I can happily fix you up with the Armd Div Wksp but I don't have the two Corps related ones. Aixman should have picked them up with his mammoth undertaking of from a few years back of copying the WO24 files, so may be worth asking him if he could assist?

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    I'm aiming to go to Kew next week, so unless Aixman turns up on this thread like a magical fairy, I'll photograph them then.

    If you want copies of the Corps WE's, I'll pass them on to you if you like....
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    Apologies for answering late as I'm rather busy at the moment.


    WE I/1931/14B/2
    An Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
    ACI 08.11.1939
    renumbered to III/157/1 with effect from 15.09.1942
    ACI 16.09.1942



    WE I/1931/14C/1
    An Armoured Corps Workshop, R.A.O.C.
    ACI 08.11.1939
    ACI 16.09.1942 renumbered to III/158/1 with effect from 15.09.1942
    ACI 1605/1942, 01.08.1942, and Army Orders 70 transferring to R.E.M.E. with effect from 15.09.1942



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    And to complete the line up;

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks very much, Aixman and Gary!

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