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    A thread for pictures, and links to pictures, of Military Vehicles accompanied by gents in Pith Helmets (preferably also including Jodphured officers and inappropriately small dogs, but that's not compulsory.)
    Debate about Solar Topees and or Pith also welcome, but for the purposes of this thread, either will do..

    A Corker or two on Ken's thread here:
    WD Number Query (and excellent vehicle photographs).


    Some from IWM Collections:
    Imperial War Museum Collections Online Database

    Senior officers inspecting a Carden-Loyd Mk.VI machine gun carrier at a barracks somewhere in India.

    Scenes with a marching column on the North West Frontier of India: Crossley (India pattern) armoured cars and crews parked-up during the march. All crewmen are wearing Royal Tank Corps issue overalls.
    Crossley armoured cars did not prove popular with their crews who found them underpowered and underbraked due to the weight of the armoured body. Brakes were fitted to the rear wheels only which made handling these cars on the mountainous roads of the North-West Frontier of India a tricky business.

    Scenes with a marching column on the North West Frontier of India: Crossley (India pattern) armoured car and crew parked-up during the march.

    Rolls-Royce armoured car 'Cerberus' of a Royal Air Force Armoured Car Company in the Iraqi desert.

    From one tasteful chap's Flickr set:

    This one has a pipe-smoker too. Perfect:
    Rolls Royce Armoured Car | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    The future Mr Shaw:
    T E Lawrence in a Rolls Royce | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Smart as Carrots:
    Rolls Royce | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Get the kids involved early:
    Wedding Bells | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Not sure where this one's from, but I feel it truly exemplifies the superior fighting spirit of any unit that deploys the tropical headgear:

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    This seems what gets Adam excited

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    Get 'em scanned mate, they look great.

    This seems what gets Adam excited
    I'm actually quite tempted by another thread for British Officers and small dogs of the 20s and 30s... :unsure:

    Britain's Crossley-Chevrolet Armored Cars - World War II Vehicles, Tanks, and Airplanes


    i198065.jpg Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. Armoured Car Mk.1 in "The First World War, 2003"

    The other armored vehicles of Great Britain

    Afrika hats:

    The Boxy lines of a Kubel enhanced by an elegant choice of hat:
    Fort History

    Bundesarchiv - Picture database: Simple search





    Snappy dressers, always ready to keep up with the latest fashion trends:

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    Italian wearing it back to front, how avant garde.

    German and Italian prisoners captured during recent fighting in Libya, 1 June 1942.

    Italian prisoners being escorted back by men of the 50th Division in a captured German kubelwagen car, 20 June 1942.
    Regio Esercito armored car Autoblinda 41 in North Africa 1941
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    We await the picture of you in your Solar topee Adam

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    Rolls-Royce armoured car 'Cerberus' of a Royal Air Force Armoured Car Company in the Iraqi desert

    YEP - Photo is from Shaibah, can tell because the background is sparse
    if it was habbaniya, there would be a bit more vegitation


    they sent me lots of these shots when i was out there

    back on thread now,

    Crazy paving camoflauge
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    More good stuff. I feel the modern British Army could learn a thing or two about sartoriality from these chaps.
    A Quad is pretty late Pith style deployment, and in Malta Stonewall to boot! The epitome of motorised military style.

    And this:
    1939: D31
    Is a fine website.
    3rd Carabiniers - Feather & Carbine editions

    I was hoping there might be a sensible spin-off or two from this.
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    I think this lot are wearing Universal Foreign Service Helmets (aka Wolseley helmets) with the wide flat brim and more-pointy crown.

    The Khaki Solar Pith Hat has the chunky brim and the flatter crown. This was officially adopted in 1938 but its ancestors were authorised headgear long before that date.

    This is a handy resource for pithheads. Or get the book.
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    Here are a few shots from the AWM collection (I just typed "pith" into the collection search field with no other parameters and got 86 hits)

    P1 - Western Desert, Egypt. 10 August 1942. Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, wearing a suit, tie and pith helmet, sitting with General Sir Claude Auchinleck in the car in which he toured Allied Air Force stations in the desert during his visit to the Middle East. Beside him is a captured German petrol tank which carried fuel for the journey.

    P2 - Bombay, India. ?1917. Informal group portrait of troops, possibly a reinforcement for the 1st Wireless Signal Squadron, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, relaxing in the water. They were at Elephanta Island which was famous for its ancient carved caves. Note the topees worn by the men even in the water. These pith helmets were issued to replace the customary felt hats on the arrival of the troops in India. (Donor E. Keast Burke)

    P3 - Coomalie Creek, NT. 1943. A group of pilots of No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) Squadron RAAF stand in front of a Lockheed Lightning aircraft. Left to right: Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr) Colin Lawrie of Rockhampton, Qld; Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Bruce Sinnet of Melbourne, Vic; Sqn Ldr Lloyd Law of Canberra, ACT (First Commanding Officer of the PRU); Flt Lt Bill Talberg of Sydney, NSW, and Squadron Leader F. (Robbie) Robbiliard of Adelaide, SA. They all wear pith helmets.

    P4 - Harengan Island, Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago. October 1944. A group of Australians and Americans who operate the radar stations on Harengan Island standing around a truck. Allied landings of early 1944 capturing islands to the north of New Britain had isolated the Japanese garrison at Rabaul and also forced the withdrawal of Japanese airpower from New Britain. A network of radar stations were established on the Admiralty Islands to provide early warning of Japanese air and naval activity. The two radar stations on Harengan Island were part of this network. The RAAF's No. 345 Radar Station searched for Japanese aircraft while the US Navy 10cm radar station searched for surface ships. Wearing the pith helmet is Lieutenant Phillips, USN, Commanding Officer of the USN radar station, and with his foot on the step and holding the tray of the truck is Flying Officer Walter Fielder-Gill, Commanding Officer of No. 345 Radar Station. (Donor W. Fielder-Gill)

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    Very nice Dave, particularly that first one of Winston C.

    I kind of held off on Wingate, perhaps the obvious Tropical lid wearer of WW2, but then thought, 'what the hell', and looked.
    Now finding it annoyingly hard to find a pic of him in the hat, and on or near a vehicle. I thought at least a Jeep would be easy.

    Can any of you fashion spotters find one?
  14. Owen

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    Major General O C Wingate (1903 - 1944): Wingate, 'Gideon Force' Commander, talking with the Emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia.
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    Curses, I should have gone straight to the good grooming pages of IWM collections shouldn't I.
    Good man.

    Jah Selassie too, class.
  16. Owen

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    The Italian attache and military observer, Count Calderari and the Director of Military Intelligence, Colonel Sir Francis Wingate standing in front of railway trucks on the Sudan Military Railway, possibly near Atbara.


    The Director of Military Intelligence, Colonel Sir Francis Wingate, talking to an Arab civilian on leaving a train on the Sudan Military Railway, possibly near Atbara. Colonel Wingate spoke fluent Arabic. The Arab is probably Mohammed Fadl, a Sudanese spy from Dafur who was imprisoned and mutilated by the Khalifa. His right hand and left foot had been amputated as punishment
  17. Owen

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    September 1943.
    Wartime Entertainers: Noel Coward, British playwright and entertainer, with a British army officer arriving at an airfield for a visit to the British troops stationed in Persia and Iraq. Noel Coward was one of the few star entertainers who braved the harsh living conditions to visit the men of the PAI [Persia and Iraq] Force. He is wearing a pith helmet with tropical kit.
  18. Owen

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    OK so this is a ship but what I want to know is why has a U-Bootman need a pith helmet?
    9 September 1943.
    U-boat prisoners at Greenock, Scotland transferring from HMS REVENGE to board a tender en route for internment. Note the pith helmet being carried by the first of the prisoners.
  19. Owen

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    North Vietnamese Army. A pith helmet wearing chap.

    an EX-NVA regular sent this picture of a couple of guys in his unit. His name is 'Quang Phan Vinh
    Image courtesy of Ron Woodgeard

    Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts - Bad Guys


    A North Vietnamese tank crashes through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon on April 30, 1975. The taking of the palace marked the fall of the U.S.-backed south and the end to a decade of fighting.

    NVA Tanks
  20. Ron Goldstein

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    One has to be careful when posting on a thread initiated by Adam.....................

    You never know whether or not he is simply taking the pith :)

    Just in case he is being serious, I thought you might like to see these pics from my late CO's swan song
    "Loopy----The Autobiography of George Kennard" which shows Churchill, Loopy & General Wavell.

    Incidentally, when I was first posted to North Africa we were all issued with pith helmets at Woolwich but apart from the march from the quayside at Algiers we were never to wear them any more.

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