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  1. [​IMG]
    Hi, does anyone know what sort of armoured car is in the background, is it a Guy?
    Thanks Steve
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  2. Tony56

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  3. Thanks, I wasn’t sure because most pictures show a large grille at the rear, which mark would it be?
    I am trying to get as much info on this photo as I can, I am lucky enough to own the motorbike in the photo
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    Welcome to forum.

    Can you post some pictures of your bike?
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  5. That’s my bike in the photo, Oct 27th 1944 at the liberation of Tilburg
    Or did you mean a photo of it now?
  6. von Poop

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    Hard to tell a Mk.II from a III/IIIa at that angle. If it appears in any other shots the front fenders should give a clue. Only certainty is it's not a Mk.I.
    Rear grille not really a thing on Humbers - maybe thinking of the Morris LRC?

    Anyway. Lovely that you have such a clear contemporary shot of your bike!
  7. Tony56

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    Not sure that the Humber LRC had a grille at the rear, are you thinking about the Humber Armoured car which certainly did? Humber Armoured Car - Wikipedia

    As for which mark of Humber LRC is in the photo, I'm not sure. There were limited visual differences but, according to the Osprey book the Mk IIIA had the rear box removed and was replaced by the spare wheel - so likely a Mk III?

    ps. for others if they haven't see the coloured version:
    15th Scottish division at tilberg

  8. Thanks all for the replies
    It was the 15th Scottish division that liberated Tilburg
    I have been told the 87 on the dr helmet would be the tac sign which relates to the 46th highland brigade
    I am not sure how or if I can get any further, after trying the 15th scottish war diaries they said to try on this site
    Regards Steve
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  10. Dave55

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    That's great. I'd enjoy hearing how you came to own it and seeing how it looks today.
  11. [​IMG]
    hi, this is the bike as released by the army in 1968, it was bought by a chap who wanted a Bedford army truck. He didn’t know there were two bikes in the back so when he got home they were thrown in a shed and left.
    After about 30 years the bikes were sold an mine was restored to the condition it is now.
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