Armed forces veterans to get form of ID to recognise 'sacrifice'

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    Armed forces veterans to get special ID

    British armed forces veterans could have their driving licences stamped with a "V", as part of plans to improve the recognition of their service.

    The move, similar to a US scheme, could see 2.5 million ex-military personnel issued with the new licence to "clearly distinguish" them as veterans.

    The card would give holders easier access to specialist services and to offers, including retail discounts.

    PM Theresa May said veterans deserved "recognition for their sacrifice".

    The scheme, to be announced by the prime minister later, could be implemented in the early 2020s.

    Mrs May will say the card will be the first universally recognised ID for veterans in the UK and will create a new proof of service for veterans.

    The Ministry of Defence is working with the Department for Transport and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to adapt the design of the current driving licence.

    The idea came from Veterans Minister Tobias Ellwood, who said it would improve the recognition of veterans.

    The Conservative MP for Bournemouth East said: "As a former soldier, I am aware of the personal attachment with the service ID.

    "Carried at all times it becomes symbolic of the responsibility and there is a strange sense of loss when upon departing the armed forces, it is taken from you.

    "I'm delighted this initiative, which sits in the Armed Forces Covenant, will help us all better recognise our veterans and their service to our country."

    Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said he hoped the card would become "a badge of honour" for veterans.

    "I hope this ID will become a badge of honour for the veteran community," he added.

    The proposed scheme is similar to one in the US, where ex-service personnel receive a veterans' card containing their names, photo and medals won.

    The card is also used to access some healthcare benefits.

    Veterans To Be 'Formally Recognised With Official ID Cards'
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    Army Records Ron Sheet 01.JPG Spotted this in today's Times:

    Veterans can use military ID cards on Civvy Street

    Thinking about it. I couldn't remember receiving any form of ID card when I was demobbed in 1947
    other than being allowed to keep my AB64.

    What I did receive however, was my Army driving certificate which I then promptly swapped for a civilian driving licence. As a direct result, I then drove at home and overseas for the next 70 odd years without ever having taken a civilian driving test !!!!!

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    Typical Government BS, a V on your driving licence, FFS! If they really want to recognise the service of veterans then they should setup a proper Veteran's association, with dedicated hospitals, medical care and counselling services, instead of leaving veterans to fall back on the NHS, Charities and the Goodwill of everyone else.

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