Are there any other surviving Chindits out there?

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by MacKenzie14, Mar 11, 2020.

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    It's starting to feel very lonely on this topic.
    I keep looking and sadly I am too late when finding only obituaries. I wish Granda had spoken of Operations Longcloth & Thursday sooner. He didn't talk about his military service much with his own family, far less the 14 Grand-Children & now 25 Great-Grand Children since, however I expect a lot of it was too painful to share.

    My Granda is my hero & he is enjoying my interest in the Burma Campaign. I know he wishes that he might have been reunited with "any" of his fellow Chindits since crawling out of the jungle a shadow of a man, half blind & suffering malaria.
    Sadly he never did & still wonders to this day if any of Calvert's column from Longcloth or if any the men with him on the hillock of Blackpool survived when they heard the words "every man for himself"
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  4. MacKenzie14

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  5. MacKenzie14

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    Absolutely, which is why I would help him to achieve this
  6. bamboo43

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    Hi MacKenzie14,

    Fascinated by your post. Was your grandfather on both Chindit operations? One of the very few men to achieve this feat if so.

    There are still 30 or so Chindit veterans with us. The Chindit Society has been around now for 3 years and has given some of the men some lovely days out and functions. Take a look here:
    The Chindit Society

    I would love to hear more about your grandfather and possibly help you both with any questions about his mates or previous comrades.

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  7. MacKenzie14

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    He was indeed, now 96
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    For us to help you (and on your other thread) it would be useful if you provided a few more details of the person you are researching - cheers

  9. Owen

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    Nobody is to post anything on here from now on that isn't help for MacKenzie14 .

    No snotty comments or sniping.

    Just stay on topic.
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  10. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    There's certainly a Gent I know up on the nothern Scottish west coast with a name quite akin to yours, No.14...? I think he'll be 97 in December, but I'd need to check my notes... :D
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  11. MacKenzie14

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    Am getting the feeling you are very guarded TD. I am sorry if I have offended you in some way?
    I am not researching anyone in particular I am simply wondering if there are more Chindits still alive that my Granda might remember.
  12. MacKenzie14

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    Am guessing 'the gent you know' is my Granda. Did you serve together?
  13. Tullybrone

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    He’s not being “guarded“ but as a new member you won’t be aware that TD has an expertise in searching various online sources - based on personal information - and has turned up much valuable information for appreciative enquirers over the years.

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  14. Tricky Dicky

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    Not being guarded at all. I guess as a forum we like to be correct, factual etc so if we were to contact ex Chindits then we owe them the right to let them know who we are passing their details on to, and in fact if they wish to be contacted by Soldier X. Its about being open and honest not guarded

  15. MacKenzie14

    MacKenzie14 Member

    I did not ask for details about anyone directly nor did I ask you as a forum to contact any ex Chindits on mine or my Grandfather's behalf.
    I am an Autistic adult and have possibly not made myself very clear.
    Let me try to explain.

    I have possibly misinterpreted how ex Chindits families might communicate using a platform like this. I expected individuals to be keen to learn that there are others. However it looks like I am somewhat late for the party so to speak after reading about all the past veteran events & actually feeling quite nervous and vulnerable if truth be told.
    I didn't know if Granda was the last!

    Our hero has recently taken ill and not keeping as well as he was before the turn of the year. (Was sharp in body & mind, extremely independent for his years prior to January 2020.)
    The past 7weeks not so much. I have spent many hours at his bedside while he wanders off in his mind to war time where he talks at length about experiences of that era but can no longer place my children.
    Granda is discussing more now about his army career than ever before because it's a time in his life that is imprinted in his heart & mind & he seems amazed that I know as much as I do.
    He has forgotten that it was his wish that we sat together 11yrs ago and wrote an account of his life experience to be explored for his eulogy one day.
    He was 85yrs then and figured he was getting old!

    I reached out here in a bid to help Granda remember names, faces from a timeline that he is focused.
    I just wanted to lift his spirits if only to put a smile on his face. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I do not wish to intrude on anyone's lives,so I am sorry if this is the impression I gave.
    That's neurodiversity for you.

    Anyway, have a lovely evening and take care.
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  16. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi MacKenzie

    If you provided his details then we could forward them to the Chindit Society bamboo43 deals with a lot of there organisation. You could email the society directly yourself if you wish. But in order to allow this to happen there needs to be give & take on both sides. With due respect it is not the place of this forum to end up providing personal details of members of an outside society to yourself just because you ask us to. I am not being awkward or difficult or guarded, its just the way things work

    Bamboo43's web site is here - Chindit Chasing, Operation Longcloth 1943 maybe you need to contact him directly, as I am sure he would really appreciate any information you/your grandfather could provide to help him and others keep the memories of these brave men alive

    For information I have 2 autistic grandchildren - or more like teenagers

  17. MacKenzie14

    MacKenzie14 Member

    I wasn't actually "asking" the forum to provide such information. I was merely sharing thoughts & feelings.
    I simply hoped family members of Chindit Veterans might be members here and have an interest in dual communication.
    I respect your views and appreciate your knowledge. Thank you so much for your time.
    I wish you and your family the very best.
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  18. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    If his name begins with a D and he lives in a village ending in L, then yes...
    He was called up at the same time as my dad and trained at Fort George together... they both did the additional training there, and later in Norfolk... after a brief trip to their respective homes they travelled to India on the same ship and had further training at Deolali Camp... they both went to central India when transferred to 1st Cameronians... at this point their stories split as D went to 26 Column and my dad joined 90 Column... I had many conversations with him and met him a few times but not since he "moved" home...
    Everything we discussed was transcribed and supplied to your family in the village, to a lady with the initial C, including a 40 min video of the rescue operation carried out by 230 Sqn... I am editor of the Sqn's newsletter and have been for some years...
    I have not been given permission to use any of these transcriptions... an in-law with a first name beginning with S had quite strong views regarding my research... since then, I have kept my distance...
    I live near Inverness and travel to his village on a regular basis... last week being the most recent trip...
    Very sorry to hear hear he is not so good... please wish him all the best...
    He is the only known survivor of the more than 500 who were rescued by 230 Sqn and the last Cameronian I am aware of...
    If you can prove who you are by privately confirming names mentioned by letters in these notes I would be happy to say more via PM only...
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  19. MacKenzie14

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    How do I do this privately as some of your reply makes complete sense but you lost me on the rest.
    I would be keen to read these transcripts that you say were supplied to my family. My mother is the eldest of DM's 5 children and her initial is not "C" so am keen to know who's hands these were passed to as the other siblings are all men.
    I don't need three guesses for the "S" !!!
    I too live close to Inverness. Small world
  20. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Look at the top right of the page

    click on your user name
    you will then see on the righthand side "conversation"
    click on that and click start new conversation to Hebridean Chindit
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