Arctic Convoy and Bomber Command

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    Mr Mann Local MP for Bassettlaw and District has published this,

    1 March 2012 Veterans from the Arctic convoys and Bomber Command are being recognised for their sacrifice and service with a new medal that will be available in a few weeks time.

    Following a public campaign, which I backed in Parliament over several years, the Ministry of Defence has established an Arctic Star medal and a Bomber Command clasp. Surviving veterans and widows will be the first to receive the awards and then the families of those who served will also be able to apply.

    These recognitions are long overdue, with 3,000 lives lost on the Arctic Convoys and 55,000 sacrificed through Bomber Command and I know that there are many local people with direct associations with these wartime campaigns. These two operations played a decisive part in turning around the war effort and beating the Nazis and I am pleased to have played the most tiny part in arguing the case in Parliament for these awards.

    If you wish to apply for one of these medals please let me know on 01909 506200.
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    For the benefit of anyone who is applying, as next of kin, for a Bomber Command clasp, my nephew Mike has just heard that the earliest date for issue to NOK applicants will be from September this year.


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