Archival film of 148th LAA troop with Bofors, Scotland, December 1939

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    Greetings all,

    I came across this film on the National Library of Scotland’s website and thought it may be of interest.

    Description: “Amateur footage, filmed contrary to war-time regulations, of an anti-aircraft troop travelling to Aultbea in Wester Ross at the start of the war to install anti-aircraft guns to protect HMS Nelson and other naval vessels based at Loch Ewe.”

    It runs for about 20 minutes.

    It includes a demonstration of a Bofors gun, gun drill, the convoy travelling to Aultbea, shots of HMS Nelson and other vessels in bay, gun emplacements and a gas drill.

    Full record for '148 LIGHT ANTI-AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY TROOP, ROYAL ARTILLERY EXERCISE TO LOCH EWE' (8754) - Moving Image Archive catalogue

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    What an amazing film. Thanks for posting. It didn't look as if the drivers coped very well with the narrow roads! The scenes of vehicle recoveries were especially interesting.
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    Fantastic find and thanks for posting.
  4. jamkid

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    Glad you liked it, just a lucky find!

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