Archie McIndoe - Blue Plaque. Chelsea SW3.

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    I took these today along Draycott Avenue, Chelsea. He worked wonders for the victims of fire, especially the burned pilots of the RAF during WWII.
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    Used to live not far from here where he worked, and helped many of his fellow men - Queen Victoria Hospital - Wikipedia

    During World War II, it developed as a specialist burns unit under the leadership of Sir Archibald McIndoe, and became world-famous for pioneering treatment of RAF and allied aircrew who were badly burned or crushed and required reconstructive plastic surgery. It was where the Guinea Pig Club was formed in 1941, as a social club and support network for the aircrew and their family members. The club continued to provide assistance for Guinea Pigs for many years after the war, and met regularly in East Grinstead until 2007. The Queen Victoria Hospital remains at the forefront of specialist care today, and is renowned for its burns treatment facilities and expertise throughout England.

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    'Luxfords Cottage', Lewes Road, East Grinstead U.D., Sussex
    Archibald H McIndoe 04 May 1900 Plastic Surgeon
    Adonia S McIndoe 16 Oct 1899 Unpaid Domestic Duties
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    I took the first two of this North Rauceby (Lincs) Burns Hospital in the early 90s. The next two of the new hospital during the late 90s.
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