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    Hello!!! I am looking for information on the American Naval livery used during the Anzio landings. More specifically LST livery. My grandfather worked on LST 174 and I'm trying to build a model for my father for his birthday. I've sen the following pictures but am looking to see if anyone here had specific colors. Thank you for your help...

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    hello and Welcome to your first post since joining

    have you also tried our sister forum WWII Forums which deals mainly with the American participation in WW 2

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    I haven't yet Clive, but I will now! Thank you...
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    Attached are a couple of colour photos.

    There are some photos of LST 174 here if you have not seen them already Tank Landing Ship LST-174



    LST  Colour  RES.jpg LST  C  Colour  RES.jpg
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