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    A general word of caution: it is not automatically the case that no medal was awarded if no result can be found in TNA under series WO 373 alone. For example - I found one unindexed MiD recommendation that had been filed with a fellow officer's MC paperwork and, it has been established by a few members that whole LG dates/lists are missing from the archives.
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    Hello Vitellino,
    I had clocked that on page 219 (Anzio). My mistake for not understanding "A" Coy had not been reformed since the Garigliano,for lack of reinforcements. Another word for disbanded I take it?
    Also, on page 213 (Garigliano) it states that The Battalion relieved the 6th Grenadier Guards on the ridge west of Trimenesuoli on the night of February 1/2. In short, "A" Coy having only two platoons, remained with the "B" Echelon transport south of the Garigliano as a reinforcement reserve.
    dryan67 has all-ready stated that his extracts are from the website, mine being from the Regimental History. So, apologies to you both. A miss-understanding on my part.

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    dbf - Christopher Hayes told so many half-truths about so many things that I assumed his claim to have been awarded the MM was just another of his stories.

    TD - I have downloaded the record from the 1939 Register and, believe it or not, the transcription from the original was wrong!! His brother was born in 1916. His own record is still closed. His mother was Elizabeth. Hence I think it is safe to say that his DOB was 1918 as you discovered and hence am also tempted to think that the 'emigration to Australia' enters into his 'story' and he died in April 1979 in the UK. I shall now apply for a death certificate and get his service records. Thank you very much.


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    I did apply for his service records but got nothing back and decided to forget the whole issue.
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    People could be posted away etc. but if an M.M. was awarded for an action involving the battalion, it's most unlikely that it wouldn't be mentioned in the official regimental history. It had to be approved by the C.O. and countersigned probably at Brigade and Division so there was always a paper trail.
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    Just to add weight to Diane's comments I've been asked to research a Company Sergeant Major serving with 2 KRRC at Calais when he was captured. The family member told me he was awarded a MM. Nothing at the archives and nothing in the regimental history but I found it was gazetted in the London Gazette in 1945 after the war.
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    I've just checked the London Gazette between 1944-6 and he's not there.
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    Hi I was just searching about my grand father John McMeekin and I believe this could be him. Does anybody know how I can confirm his identity. Is there a site to search Service Number and confirm date of birth or something similar? Thanks.
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