Anyone recognize this church (or monastery), possibly Holland?

Discussion in 'General' started by 8RB, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. 8RB

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    Photo dates from 1945, probably Holland or Germany...
    Church - 1945.jpg
  2. SDP

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    Can't be sure but I suggest Poperinge for starters. The church in the background is off the town square.
  3. 8RB

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    Hi SDP, Just had a look at Google maps, but honestly can't say I recognize the church. How, where should I look?

    Possibly helpful: photo is of medal presentation by Montgomery to members of 11th Armoured Division...
  4. SDP

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    I've seen the church somewhere but have just checked Google Earth Streetview and it's not Poperinge. Grrrrrrr......
  5. SDP

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    Eureka! It's Ypres on 10th March 1945. I knew I'd seen that church somewhere else. Photo to follow. Your photo appears to be part of a set! Busy day for Monty that day.

    Edit: added photo.
    The reason I thought it was Poperinge is a simple case of conflation: Monty had been just down the road in Poperinghe presenting medals to others on the same day including an MC to my late fathers Troop Leader Johnny Langdon
    The photos are from Langdons book 'The Sharp End'.
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  6. SDP

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    The modern day view. Can't get a decent Streetview image because there's a bus parked in the way and lots of trees have been planted. The church is near the famous Cloth Hall.
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  7. stolpi

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    By the leafless trees in the background, I suppose the photo of 8RB was taken on the same date (?) 10 March 1945. The battle for the Rhineland had just ended by that date with the German retreat from the Wesel bridgehead.
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  8. harkness

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    For info - the following 23rd Hussars men are shown:

    Front row
    Extreme left - Sgt Fred Thorley Jackson, MM
    Third from right - Sgt Donald Newstead Smith, DCM
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  9. 8RB

    8RB Well-Known Member

    Standing extreme right: Sgt. Alfred White, MM (8th Rifle Brigade)

    Thanks to all of you!!!
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  10. 8RB

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    By the way, does anyone know how all these Monty signatures were made. They seem too many for them all to be originals, done by the great man himself. Were they maybe printed or done by someone else?
  11. 8RB

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    10 March 1945... a little more than two weeks before the 11th Armoured Division or at least the 8th Rifle Brigade would cross the Rhine at Wesel, on 28 March 1945, the beginning of their final push towards the Baltic. Some very heavy fighting was still lying ahead of them!
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