Anyone have info or pics of S London Home Guard...?

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  1. rancemic

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    Dear all...

    Myself and my father are putting together a history of our family...

    We're now at my grandfather who served the entire war with the Home Guard (unfit for full time service due to a badly healed collar bone - motorbike accident before the war), manning HAA guns on Clapham Common (south London). We know various 'regulars' were there...

    We're trying to find out more info about when this would have been and what part the Home Guard (and hopefully eventually) would have played in this. Some of this we are trying to get from various parts of the National Archives.

    At this moment, I don't know much more detail than that. Any info and especially pictures would be brilliant.

    Thanks and, all the best

  2. Jedburgh22

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    I would suggest the local history archives (usually located in a Borough's main library) may have wartime picures and also try the London Metropolitan Archive, local newspapers may also have material

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