Anybody got experience of moving 17 foot long model aircraft carriers?

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by von Poop, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Do you know what scale that is?
  4. Dave55

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    Maybe talk to a radio control model club in the area. Some of their planes, not many, have wingspans that long and they have to move them around somehow.
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  6. Very simple: dig a trench to the nearest waterway, let it fill with water, and then tow the monster to its destination (assuming she cannot sail under her own power).

    A similar method was successfully used for the much bulkier Phoenix caissons back in '44. ;)

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  7. 8RB

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    If model is sturdy, I suggest something like this:
    1. mount some wheels under table top;
    2. put two groups of 4 (or 6) car jacks and lot of blocks under table top (watch out for stability!);
    3. cut away table legs;
    4 lower table top step by step; until it rests on wheel;
    5. Louding into van/lorry: same process, other way around.
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  8. Dave55

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    If all else fails there is always BB guns and firecrackes.
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  9. Roy Martin

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    If you can construct a temporary extension to the work bench and can obtain, or have made, some sealed tubes that can be filled with air or water, you can move it slowly to the transporting vehicle by putting the unfilled tubes under the vessel then inflating them. Google - Flexodams for a bit more info. If you aren't too sure of the tubes, put wooden rollers in their place once you have jacked the hull up with the tubes and reverse the process when you get to site. That's the way the big boys used to do it. Don't forget to make a good cradle for transport. I can send some pics from an old brochure. I have to confess that we never moved anything that small in this way.
    Good luck!
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  10. von Poop

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    Good stuff, Roy, but I'm not involved in the move.
    Sounds like Ashworth needs a man like you.
  11. Trackfrower

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    Get a 20 foot long bed van.
    Lots of strong friends
    Beer (for later)
    Build a cradle or wedge with rolled blankets
    Wide lifting strops or improvised slings.
    If not too fragile, secure in van to stop any movement.
    How heavy and fragile is it?
    OR pay experts do move it!
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  12. Roy Martin

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    Me again, you don't need to build a platform to go all the way to the van, just another work bench of the same length, or a bit more. Once you have the ship on the 'new' bench you move the old one up and use it again. I attach a slightly bigger job, but this was a Flo Flo

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  13. davidbfpo

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    Contact your local Army Reserve unit, preferably engineers or logistic specialists. They could see this as a useful exercise and with a PR aspect too.
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  14. von Poop

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  15. Excellent news! Using an 18-ton trailer to move a 32,000 ton ship is a feat in itself :D

    I hope that the recipients will complete the model. At 17ft it scales out at around 1/45. Hopefully the standard 1/48 scale was used, which would mean that finding kits of aircraft and crew to enliven it should not be a problem.

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