Any tips to help find out an ancestors Army number?

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    Thought I'd chuck this up, partially because I'm at a brick wall, and partially bucause I know I won't be the first, nor last, person to encounter such a problem.

    I recently sent off an application request for service records, as my Great Grandad apparently served in WW2, What is interesting, is that it's a potential that he also served in WW1 as well, as he is of an age where both are technically a possibility. One massive hitch though. The family doesn't know his service number, nor unit, rank, De-Mob date etc.

    Supplying DOB, name, Birth location doesn't seem to cut the mustard for the records guys, so they seem to want the requirements of military details before they contemplate searching.

    Is there anything I can do to try and track an army number? I have Basic rudimentary details of my ancestor, Name, DOB, Birth place, Death etc. but that is all.

    I have used Forces War Records and Ancestry which have brought up an entry for the Royal Engineers, however, I don't want to request that file incase its the wrong person with the same name.

    Any guidance will be appreciated, as I'm already spitting feathers! thank you.
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    Suggest you post as much info on your grandfather as you can. Name, date of birth/death, locations, wife's name - anything. You may strike, lucky but remember that there is not a lot available in the public domain for WW2 service people.
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    I supplied as much as I could on the application form to no avail, I can post it here when I have more time later if the details would be of help, was just a bit itchy putting my ancestors details all over the place, if that makes sense? Sounds daft I know.

    Kind regards
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    Bruce you dont have put info you dont want floating on internet

    as advised you do not require service number just date of birth,death cert and £30
    Either the records have been misplaced or lost which could happen
    Or he did not serve
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    If he didn't serve I'll happily accept that, cause its easier to deal with! (Cynacism aside it's good that I'm pushing myself on researching new things)

    I'll double check with family again, but the email I got sent was something

    "Dear Mr #######

    Thank you for your recent enquiry.

    Unfortunately, you have not supplied sufficient information to enable me to process your request.

    Ideally, a service number, name, regiment and a discharge year are required to facilitate a search, and it is possible that some or all of this information was either missing from your enquiry or was incorrect. Without this information locating a service file is extremely difficult and may be impossible.

    If you are able to expand on or refine the information you have provided, we will undertake a further search.

    Yours sincerely

    [Name censored of person who replied]"

    So I wasn't too impressed. Very frustrated, but hey ho worse things can happen! I shall not be defeated!

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