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Discussion in 'The War at Sea' started by mikky, Sep 19, 2019.

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    In the next couple of days I will be seeing an old friend Abbie (Albert) Keir. A lovely guy who is 94 years of age. He was present on June the 6th, 1944, off Utah Beach, Normandy, aboard H.M.S Potentilla, his ship covering the American landings at Normandy; its 4" Guns engaging enemy strong-points on the beaches. He later spent many 12-hour shifts on escort duty. One of the patrols he undertook, was in support of Operation Pluto. Also involved with the operation to build the Mulberry harbours. Towards the end of the war was on MTB boats and survived his boat hitting a mine though he was wounded.

    Are there any questions you would like me to put to him?

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    Just say Hello from us & wish him well.
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    Hi Owen. I will certainly do that.

    Cheers Mike

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