Any know more about JOHN SEEMAN, US 148th Engineers?

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    Passing this message

    Hi Fred.congrats on a fantastic site , Fred i would like to share a story with you , but before i start , i would like you to know that i am 57 years old and i am in good health with no mental problems etc etc thank god , ok here is the story and it is 100% genuine and true
    i was in bed on sat 06/10/18 and i was drifting off to sleep , as i was drifting off to sleep i got an image like a dream , or a picture , it was of 3 to four american soldiers standing having coffee and smoking , it was on a battlefield or an outpost as there was a lot of movement going on , next thing there was a flash , as if an incoming shell had exploded , then i woke up , as soon as i awoke , i heard in my head a voice saying MY NAME IS JOHN SEEMAN I WAS KILLED IN NORMANDY IN 1944
    ok i said to myself this is strange very strange as for one i do not dream it is years since i had a dream , anyway i got out of bed and turned on the computer
    and to my SHOCK i found johns details , he was killed on 27/7/1944 in Normandy , he was a Major at 26 years of age and also an only child
    it is a really sad sad story. i checked as many records as i could , his mother and father have passed away and there are no relatives to contact .
    now i told the story to a close friend , and he said to me , it is a soul looking for a prayer , so i have got a Mass said for john at the Ho;y Shrine here in Knock
    i am located 20 km from Knock in the Rep of Ireland
    Fred there is no family connection to john , my father and uncle served in the RAF and Merchant NavY during WW11
    Fred i was wondering if you could find out anything about john as i have tried on the internet and all i can find out is that he was born in Shanghai to American parents then moved to California thats where he signed up , he was a store manager , before joing the army , his unit was the 148th Engineers
    Fred if it is possible to find out HOW and Where john was killed i would be very grateful , in fact any info at all would be fantastic
    i am thinking and thinking about this daily , and i am also going to visit his grave and lay some flowers
    we owe so much to them
    ok fred as i said before congratulations on a great site ,
    looking forward to hearing from you
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    Frank John Seeman Jr
    BIRTH ABT 1918 • Shanghai, China
    DEATH 27 JUL 1944 • Unknown Buried in Normandy, France

    From an Ancestry family tree

    Perhaps you need him to contact the sister site across the pond - WWII Forums they may be able to hustle up more details

    World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas
    NameJohn F Seeman
    Inducted FromCalifornia
    Combat Organization148th Engineers
    Combat BattalionDeath DateJul 27 1944
    MonumentNormandy, France
    Last Known StatusBuried
    U.S. Awards
    Purple Heart Medal
    Silver Star Medal

    U.S., Headstone and Interment Records for U.S. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, 1942-1949
    NameJohn F Seeman
    Residence PlaceCalifornia
    Death Date27 Jul 1944
    Burial PlaceSt Laurent, France (Note its the one in Normandy on the Omaha Beach - its a common name in France)
    Next of KinMr Frank J Seeman
    Google Maps

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    Thanks TD!

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