Any info on the 61st (Caernarfon & Denbigh) Medium Regiment RA?

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  1. Law

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    Thanks for the welcome David!
    I am attaching a photo of the appendix of the 1950 history of the regiment which has the names on the roll of honour. We went to see the grave of L-Bdr Parry at the British cemetery at Bayeaux with my grandfather years ago as someone he remembers...
    And there Gunner Milne is the reference to your Lt Griffiths. I also attach a photo of the page from the regt diary that mentions his and Gunner Green's death from mines.

    Do you recall a Captain Cutler? He kept a diary a copy of which was given to my grandfather.
    I also attach a couple of maps which chart the route of the regt in NW Europe.

    Hope this is of some interest?
    Kind regards
    Stephen image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Singvogel

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    Thanks for posting the maps and that page mentioning Lt Griffiths and Gunner Green.

    Thanks to you and others I now know exactly what happened to 'Boy Blue' - very sad - I still think of him.
  3. Law

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    Hi Everyone
    Apologies - I meant to upload this sooner. This is a copy of the diary of a Captain Cutler who was with 244 Batt 61st Medium RA. My grandfather was given this copy by (I think) his wife after he died. I hope it is of some interest - its a little light on detail, but interesting none the less for a chronology of events etc....

    Kind regards

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  4. Justin Holcroft

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    Hi all, new to the dad was a gunner and sometime bombardier in the 61st....was at Dunkirk, served at Portion Down and then arrived back in France on, I think, 12th June 1944, but was injured sometime after and invalided back to Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent. Name was Jim Holcroft....anybody got any more detail? Thanks in advance....
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    My dad (James (Jim) Rodgers) was in the 61st when it was stationed around Pontifract in Yorkshire around 1942, where he met and married my mum. He was a medical orderly (lance bombardier) and always spoke fondly of his medical officer (I think his surname was Bone - possibly captain). He had a pal (surname Welch) who drove the ambulance for him, because my dad couldn’t drive. He had lessons in the truck, but overturned it and was put on a charge for that - he never got back behind the wheel again. He told me he helped some of the troops write letters back home to North Wales.
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    Might be a little late but found this photo after my nan passed and might be some of 61st Medium Regiment Royal Artillery which my grand dad James Wilfred Smith service number 11427758 served in my grandad is 3rd in behind guy with football

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  7. Justin Holcroft

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    Hi Law, only just found your post....I am absolutely certain my father, Jim Holcroft, used to mention a Jack Tanner from the war - I believe my dad was also 243 Battery. Sadly he has also passed away but would love to know of any mention in the 1950 history or any anecdotes you may have heard...

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