Any idea what's on this vehicle???

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  1. 8RB

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    The photo below is one from a series of an 8th Rifle Brigade mortar sergeant. The question I have is: what is the apparatus mounted on this vehicle, and what vehicle is this? Or is it maybe a trailer? I am hoping someone on here may know...

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  2. EdSav

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    Not a clue but i'll start the ball rolling, Could it be a water purifier???
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  3. Owen

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  4. 8RB

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    Thanks Owen, that's quick, and that's indeed what it is!

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  5. m kenny

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    Water purification Screenshot_120.jpg
  6. EdSav

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    upload_2019-7-31_20-17-34.png upload_2019-7-31_20-17-34.png
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  7. m kenny

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    Photo from NAM. Same two men (same event) as in the previous pic I posted above. 717  bb.jpg
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  8. Dave55

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    I like the inlet filter to keep the big stuff out. :)

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