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Discussion in 'WW2 Museums. Events, & places to see.' started by leunga, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. leunga

    leunga Member

    Hi, I will have a chance to London, UK in March. Any good WW2 related places I can visit if I have 2-day holidays at one of the weekends. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Neil B

    Neil B Member

    The Imperial War Museum is a must-see.
  3. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Worth also popping into the National Army Museum in London and the Cabinet War Rooms are recommended.

    The IWM and NAM are free; the War Rooms charge for entry, but it is worth it.
  4. Kiwiwriter

    Kiwiwriter Very Senior Member

    Don't forget HMS Belfast moored opposite the Tower of London. The London Museum also has some exhibits on how the city survived the Blitz. And the RAF Museum in Hendon and Bomber Command Museum next to it are terrific.
  5. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    Don't forget the added bonus at the CWR - the new Churchill Museum - effectively an extension of the Cabinet War Rooms. More rooms/corridors have been opened up for 2005 so its even better value now


  6. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    If you don't fancy the museum scene, here is an unusual one.

    I don't know if you can still buy it, but some years ago I bought a book called A Spy's London by Roy Berkeley (Leo Cooper 1994) at the bookshop of the Museum of London at the Barbican. It consists of a series of walks in central London taking in espionage related locations. Although many are pre- and post- WWII, many wartime locations are also shown. At the very least, if you would be going for a walk anyway it could add interest.
  7. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    On the subject of walks, there is a relatively new book called 'London's War' - this guide contains around 20 walks

    ISBN 1569753822


  8. leunga

    leunga Member

    Thank you all of you on the suggestions. Air ticket has been confirmed and the trip must be an exciting one. I will read some books before the visit and of course take some photos where there. Perhaps, share with you afterwards. Andrew
  9. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    Two unusual sites are The Citadel, that ugly concrete struture at Horse Guards Parade which appears in the background at Trooping the Colour-sadly not open to the public. Also the only grave to an employee of the Nazi government in Central london-the grave of Giro the German Embassy dog who is buried in a little plot at the top of Carlton House terrace steps as you come up from the Mall. He was electrocuted while wandering through what is now the ICA building.
  10. leunga

    leunga Member

    Finally, I've been in London now. Past five days were heavily loaded and it is time to relax. Will visit some of the suggested sites and take photos. Cheers, Andrew
  11. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    Originally posted by leunga@Mar 11 2005, 07:20 PM
    Finally, I've been in London now. Past five days were heavily loaded and it is time to relax. Will visit some of the suggested sites and take photos. Cheers, Andrew
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    I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather is not too cold for getting out and about.
  12. leunga

    leunga Member

    Finally, I ended my 2-week London trip. Selected photos for my IWM visit are posted within the gallery section. I've also bought a book (among others) from a IWM's shop. It's about detailing the D-Day from a skyview perspective (i.e. with a lot of photos taken from planes) and I am so lucky that the authers did have sign their names on it. I've also visited the holocaust exhibit within IWM. The feeling is that I was visiting Lee's new website because of similar colors.

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