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    Trying to find out more about the excellent photo that Rob (ramacal) posted on On the first page of this report for an attack by 1/4 KOYLI, on the town of Rijkevorsel in northern Belgium, late September 1944.
    ( I attach pictures), it mentions two types of anti-tank units, One referred to as a section, 'sec' from A Company and Battalion HQ Company respectively -and then one from,' E Troop, 218 A/Tk Bty R.A.' - which I suspect is part of the unit - 55 A/T Regiment R.A - which the man in the photo belonged to.

    What I suspect, but don't know, is that the 'sections' are 6 pounder guns which were a permanent part of the infantry battalion's armoury. The A/T battery would have comprised 17pdrs either towed or S/P?

    Any enlightenment gratefully received. There was a map as well, so I'll post that when I've organised the files. Apologies for abbreviations - I'm quoting the document as best I can.

    IMG_8046.jpg IMG_8047.jpg IMG_8048.jpg IMG_8050.jpg
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    The Inf Bn would have had its own Atk Pl of six 6-pr guns, each towed by Loyd carriers. They would be from 'S' (Support) Coy, and the order of movement indicates a Section of two guns was attached to A Coy, another Sec of two guns moving with Bn HQ, leaving the third Sec of two guns with S Coy.

    55th Atk Regt was indeed the Div Atk Regt for 49th Div. At this time Inf Div Atk Regts were organised as four Btys, each with two 17-pr and one 6-pr equipped Troops. Each Tp had four guns of the relevant type, and all were towed. SP guns were held by some Inf Divs as a remnant of their D-Day assault landing organisation, and later on in 1944 the 17-pr SP on the Valentine chassis (Archer) began to replace one towed 17-pr Tp per Bty in Inf Div Atk Regts.

    I don't know there's a definitive way of telling what guns E Tp was armed with. I'd probably put my 10 pence on 17-prs, as more 6-prs wouldn't add much to the arsenal of the Bn.

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    The 55 Atk Regimental War Diary has an entry for 26th September that "218 and 220 (Batteries) fired (at) OPs and strong points while E Troop 218 battery supported the infantry with SA (Small arms) fire."

    This sounds more like a 6 Pdr rather than 17 Pdr troop. 55 Atk Regt were equipped with the "Quad" Field Artillery Tractor as gun tractors for their 17 Pdr guns. These un-armoured and highly inflammable vehicles were unsuited for accompanying infantry in a battle area swept by bullets and mortar bomb fragments.

    At the end of July their CO had written a report begging for the replacement of towed 17 Pdrs with SP guns but stating that the 6 pdr towed gun was valued because of its low silhouette and with Sabot ammunition could deal with most enemy AFVs

    If the infantry needed anti tank support in an assault I suspect the 6pdrs would have gone in first.

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