Anti-Jewish riots in Liverpool, 1947

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    On August Bank Holiday weekend, 1947, there was violence in Liverpool towards Jewish residents and businesses. This was largely a reaction to "The sergeants affair." The violence then spread to several towns and cities around Britain, including London and Glasgow.

    Who was ex-Sergeant Major John Regan, of Eccles? If he had served during WW2, would he have had to have kept his political views to himself while in the army?

    Britain's last anti-Jewish riots

    This second article looks at the re-emergence of Mosley after the war, and the formation and activities of the 43 Group. Interestingly, the 43 Group was formed during a meeting at the Maccabi Sports club, which was the home of Wingate Football Club. (see 'The Barracks')

    Story of how UK Jews fought post-war anti-Semitism subject of new TV series

    I was at a coffee morning in Liverpool earlier this week, and a woman there, in her late 80s, remembered seeing Mosley making an appearance in the city post-war.

    The Sergeants affair - Wikipedia

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