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    Is anyone able to interpret the 'hit' categories reported in anti-aircraft actions? I can't seem to find an explanation on the web. Here's the entry I'm trying to work out (from HQRA 14th Indian Division's diary):

    Chittagong 25th October 1942
    CHITTAGONG aerodrome attacked by 24 "0" Zero JAPANESE Navy Fighters. No bombs dropped.
    One Blenheim aircraft on ground totally destroyed by JAPANESE cannon and machine gun fire.
    JAPANESE planes engaged by six guns of 75 Lt A.A. Bty.
    Three hits category 3 claimed. Amn expended 104/40mm, 28 SAA.

    What is a 'category 3' hit, and how many categories were there?

    Also, while the 40mm ammo expenditure must be from their Bofors guns, what about the SAA? Is this the counting of every pot-shot from a rifle taken by members of the unit? Or perhaps a Lewis or Bren gun mounted on a vehicle - would that be considered Small Arms Ammunition in this context?
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    This is what I have from a 1940-41 war diary from 3rd A.A.Corp H.Q. regarding how to report Cat 1, Cat 2 etc. (Ref: WO 166/2101)

    Category 1 = “Destroyed”. This category will include enemy aircraft seen to descend in flames, break up in the air, hit the ground or fall into the sea. Enemy aircraft forced to descend on land as the result of A.A. fire will be traced to the location at which they have landed and when it is proved that they have landed, will be included in the “Destroyed” category.

    Category 2 = “Probable”. (That is believed to have been destroyed). This category will cover cases of enemy aircraft which, as the result of A.A. fire, give reason to think that they have been hit and probably compelled to land or would not have reached home.

    Category 3 = “Damaged”. This category will include enemy aircraft obviously damaged as a result of A.A. fire, indicating nature of the damage, e.g., “port engine stopped”, “part of fuselage shot away”, or “undercarriage down”.

    Original claims will be put into one or other of these categories but if further evidence is forthcoming, a claim may be transferred from one category to another.


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    That explains it perfectly, thanks John.

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