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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by alanatabz, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. alanatabz

    alanatabz Well-Known Member

    Hi All.

    I have a bomb attack in Britain which quotes 232 Rounds H.A.A. (Heavy Anti Aircraft)
    9 rounds U.P.

    Any idea what the U.P. stands for?

  2. hutt

    hutt Member

    Most Likely UP stands for Unrotated Projectile. A small rocket fired from a Z Battery.
    Do you know which Regiments?
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  3. alanatabz

    alanatabz Well-Known Member

    Hi Hutt, no idea it was Aberdeen in 1943. Is states during a raid what AA fire was given.

    The HG had a AA battalion, although not sure here a z=battery would have been in Aberdeen.
  4. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    There were 3 HAA sites & 1 Z Battery in Aberdeen although I don't have the units involved. See Aberdeen map on my site.
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