Another Russian website.60 Years of Victory.

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by Owen, Nov 30, 2007.

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    good chronology of the campaign. Well found!!
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    Going offtopic - but..
    Great site ;) but! I have to say that there is more greater site - ÏÎÁÅÄÈÒÅËÈ - Ñîëäàòû Âåëèêîé Âîéíû Pobediteli (Victors) - this site is presented as a big Macromedia Flash presentantion showing to visitor all Russian Front (and then Eastern Front) events from 22nd june 1941 till 9th may 1945. There are included big amount of historical articles, audio(!!!) notes attached for just every war event from eastern front veterans, big amount of videos attached to events, big amount of photos, ability to browse every day of war and more. Total time of presentation - 5(!!!) hours. I've seen only half of it - i was really excited. Site have only minus - there r only russian lng :)
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    I thought I'd seen that before somewhere.
    Here's the English Version ;):
    POBEDITELI — Soldiers of the Great War

    Damn me! What a mistake :) I've missed english version when was excited by russian :) Von Poop thnx :)

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