Another one bites the dust

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Dave55, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Dave55

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  2. Chris C

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    But not apparently because the shop was doing terribly. It's just a shame that it can't continue under some new owner.
  3. canuck

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    My very favourite hobby store was McCormick's Hobbies in London, Ontario.

    They recently closed the store and posted the following on their website. A sign of the times.

    "Thank you for your interest! We have been in the model kit retail business since 1960. It hasn't been until now we have decided to move into the 21st century and have a web store.Our web store WILL ONLY have the Vintage Rare old kits we have amassed for the past 51 years. Unlike other web sites we do not want to sell current kits that we sold in our brick and mortar store every day. It's just me (Tim the owner) a one man band doing this so I would ask your patients in getting it up and running as it's a learning curve for me as well."
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  4. bofors

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    - what will he ask his patience!!

    Sorry I get my coat......

    Still sad, hobby stores were great when I was a kid.
  5. Robert-w

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    Same thing has happened here. However in the 80s and 90s I made many business visits to the US. Now initially I found your bookshops a delight. So many independents , so many books either out of print in Europe or never in print in Europe. I remember finding a little SF specialist shop in Sarratoga Springs and pigging out. TG the EU did not charge duty on books. But over time the chains took over and homogenised everything so that the shop in San Antonio sold the same books as the one in Palo Alto (and doubtless today Harrow). I found your model shops grossly disappointing from the start (even when I could actually find them a foray in St Louis taking me to some very unsavoury places) they tended to have very much the same stock in all of them. I did find a shop in Leesburg that did a range of eearly US military aircraft in 1/72 but I'd filled my baggage quota with books from Washington. Next time I thought. Sadly I never visited Leesburg again.
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  6. bamboo43

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    We used to pass a double-fronted model shop on the way to our relatives in Sutton, Surrey. I think it was on the A3 near Tolworth, its closed now in any case. Sign of the retail times.
  7. Dave55

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    Here's a bookstore near me. Sounds like a catchy idea at first but the price per book is about the same as any other used book store.

  8. Robert-w

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    As a good general 2nd hand book shop I would recommend the Cinema Book Shop in Hay on Wye. It claims to be the largest 2nd hand book shop in the world and having visited 2nd hand book stores on three continents I see no reason to dispute this claim. It has good parking. However there are draw backs. It has a very large number of WW1 and WW2 relevant books but they are not all in one place and one does need to become familiar with the layout and categorisation system. Secondly they have not heard of the concept of disabled access. For example as you approach the entrance there is a sign that says if you need assistance ask at the front desk. The front desk is up a series of steps!. I do not use wheels yet but am rather lame and the store is on many levels. There is a lift but its use is confined to the transport of books. However if you are not an old crock like me I would still recommend it.

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