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    There hasn't been an obituary ion the national press, but Brigadier David died a week or so ago. He was a junior officer with 7 Medium Regiment landing in Normandy on D+1. He was a regular RA officer and served a full career in the Gunners. He was a senior and active member of the Normandy Veterans Association and very active in maintaining the regimental memory of D Dayand the campaign in North West Europe. He lectured Gunner YOs on the regiment's history and very helpful to anyone seeking knowledge.

    His post war experience included commanding BRIXMIS. His comments on the soviets were interesting.I particularly enjoyed the revelation that he and his wife, (an ex WRNS) got on well with their Soviet minders. He was impressed by the Russian colonel's wife who had been a sniper in Stalingrad.
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    It was announced in the Times and Telegraph a couple of days ago but his obituary will not appear for a number of weeks I believe. In the meantime for anyone interested his memorial has just been confirmed as 2pm, 4th May at Salisbury Cathedral
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