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    Nordberg Fort, at Farsund, is at almost the most southerly point of Norway. The German Officers' Mess has been preserved, with this interesting mural (the light was very poor,which explains the indistinct image). What appears of the inscription reads "Schön in die ...".

    The image implies that some Norwegian women consorted with the enemy!

    Farsund 3.jpg

    Nearby is a pillbox overlooking the sea, where the sentries carved their unit designation:

    An eagle
    19 (swastika, defaced) 43
    3. Komp.
    B???-Batl. 15/XI

    Again, a good field of view.

    Farsund 1.jpg Farsund 2.jpg

    Is there any information about this unit?

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    Did you take any external photos?

    The preservation of the interiors looks remarkable.

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    Hi Michael,

    Schön ist die Liebe ...

    Probably a reference to the shanty song Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen

    Herz ist Trumpf film 1934
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    "Did you take any external photos?" Unfortunately not.

    Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen = Love in harbour is beautiful.That must be it, as it is so appropriate for the mural.

    HKB 18/972 Nordberg (http://www.bunkerhis...jord/hkb-18-972) is not the same place. That is way up in the north of Norway, whereas my Nordberg is near the southernmost tip of Norway. That is where the German base is, with the mess hall illustrated above. (Here)

    The bunker is in fact, some distance away to the south-west of the fort, on the shore beside the Lista Lighthouse (Lista Fyr, on the map): here.

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    Continuing on to the Nordberg Fort, via Skeibrok, there will be an opportunity for photographs of the magnificent panoramic views of the ocean and the Lista landscape. This camp was occupied by invaders during WW2, who established themselves in the most sensitive and strategically important area of Norway. Of all the buildings here, the only authentic German officers’ mess in Norway will be open for our tour. The walls and ceiling are richly and artistically illustrated with motifs from the daily life of the soldiers. (Olson cruises/Lista Flypark Hotel))

    Bunker art (Includes Lista Officers' Mess)

    Die Welt is rund so as dit Rad

    un ok son Knubbels und Spurren hat

    a German sailor and his girl-friend ... he'll have to go!

    Some British and Canadian:
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