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  1. GnrGnr

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    44 Days "DEL" with a free warrant looks like leave but DEL?? (August 1945)

    10 days E/L also looks like leave but again E/L ??

    Not found on any of the useful lists on the site.

    Grateful for interpretation.

  2. idler

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    Disembarkation Leave and Embarkation Leave?
  3. JimHerriot

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    Good morning folks.

    Given the date (August 1945) I think it may be Demobilisation Entitlement Leave (likely as part of/in addition to the Python scheme set up to get folks out, unless they decided to stay in!)

    Happy to be told this is horse-feathers in lieu of definitive answer, cheers!
  4. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    This was UK leave from Italy but he stayed in and went to BAOR for 8 months after the leave so I'm not sure about those ideas?
  5. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member


    As is often asked - can you upload good scans of the document so that they can be seen in context

  6. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    TD the document (attached) is what his descendant describes as his service book. I have his record. The start date is the start (give or take a day) of a "Home" period after Italy and his postings record has what looks like "disemb UK" with the same start date (also attached).

    Thus the "L" is clearly leave and the two suggestions given both make sense, but both Idler and JimH make clear they are making suggestions rather than giving definitive answers.

    The 54 days that it adds up to doesn't equate to the "home period" which may have been a period on leave and then reporting to the depot to await a draft to Germany which came next.

    IMG_0791.JPG IMG_0920 zoom. jpg.jpg

  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Cant really read this one plus what is on thr right of the image ?? - there is something there marked 20/8/45, the day before the 44 days leave, but I cant read the other words

  8. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    The form is the standard B102, on the right of the image is the promotions part of the form, no relevance to this at all. Line 1 (top) is his posting to 17 LAA Regiment in March 1945 (in Italy), line 2 we are discussing, line 3 is the draft he left UK for BAOR with in November 1945. I really have no problem at all with this record except for the DEL and E/L and there is nothing in the context that helps apart from the obvious that it is leave.

    Max .
  9. timuk

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    Pretty certain the info for 20/8/45 reads "Disemb UK 'C' Depot". This would tie in with DEL = Disembarkation leave.
    26/7/44 - X List (IV) due to 94th HAA going into Suspended Animation.

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  10. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Yes - happy with that for DEL

    E/L Embarkation Leave because he is going to Germany?? Dated 22 Oct 1945 and he didn't go until 10 November but good enough for government work??

    Idler had it but your inputs all helped to worry away at it so thank you all. Hardly vital but I do hate to find another abbreviation that isn't listed anywhere! Imaginative clerks bless'em!

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