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    Andrew Charles "Andy" Mynarski, VC (14 October 1916 – 13 June 1944)


    Mynarski was 27 years old and flew with 419 "Moose" Squadron, RCAF when he gave his life attempting to help rescue a trapped crew member. His Victoria Cross was awarded in 1946, the last such award to a Canadian airman in WW2.

    Great article here from Flightlines:

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    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Andrew Charles Mynarski
    Birth Date: 14 Oct 1916
    Birth Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Death Date: 13 Jun 1944
    Death Place: Near Cambrai, France

    Andrew Charles Mynarski (1916-1944) - Find A...
    World War II Victoria Cross Recipient. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he served as a Pilot Officer in the 419 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. On the night of June 12, 1944, Pilot Officer Mynarski was the mid-upper gunner in a Avro Lancaster bomber during an attack on the railway yards at Cambrai, in France. When the aircraft was attacked by a German fighters, both port engines failed and fire broke out between the mid-upper and rear gun turrets. The pilot ordered the aircraft abandoned and as Pilot Officer Mynarski proceeded toward the escape hatch, he saw that the rear gunner was unable to get out of his turret. He made his way aft through the fire in an attempt to free the man with parachute and the clothing below his waist now on fire. All his efforts to move the turret and free the gunner were in vain. Eventually the rear gunner clearly indicated to him that there was nothing more he could do and that he should try to save his own life. Pilot Officer Mynarski reluctantly went back through the flames to the escape hatch. There, as a last gesture to the trapper gunner, he turned towards him, stood to attention in his flaming clothing and saluted, before he jumped out of the aircraft. His descent was seen by French people on the ground with both his parachute and clothing were on fire. He was found eventually by the French, but was so severely burnt that he died from his injuries the next day on June 13, 1944. The rear gunner had a miraculous escape when the aircraft crashed and testified that if had Pilot Officer Mynarski had not attempted to save his comrade's life, he could have left the aircraft in safety. For outstanding courage and complete disregard for his own life, he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on October 11, 1946.

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