Andree Peel, WW2 heroine enjoys 104th birthday; RIP

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by Peter Clare, Feb 4, 2009.

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    I concur, most people are decent though, I meet a load of them over here each year who think how you and I do, so do not give up hope.
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    There are a number of publications which record the outstanding service of French women against the invader.

    Margaret Collins's "Sisters in the Resistance" is one such publication."Sisters" in this case meaning womenfolk.

    Not a mention of Andree Virot but her membership of a reseau should be in the Brittany archives.

    The Shelbourne (Shelburne) reseau handled the successful evasion of 135 aircrew from Plouha without detection.Andree was said to be member of a sub reseau and may have been part of the Shelbourne reseau.All were extensions of the Comet Line and although some sections of the Comet Line were penetrated by the Germans,the branch to Brittany remained intact.

    The other possibiity is that she was a member of sub reseau operating in the Southern Brittany coastal strip.There were quite a number of pick ups of Allied personnel in this area by MTB and history tends to highlight the activities on the north coast.
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