An equivelant piece of Allied equipment ?

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  1. James S

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    Has anyone seen an Allied piece of equipment similar to this one ?

    This is a Luftwaffe "Peilscheibe" used (I believe) to swing a compass., the device being clamaped to the cockpit of aircraft.

    The azimuth disc can be leveled, a spirit level being built in, the small optic , not sure how it all works, probably not that complicated which says a lot for me !!!

    Have only seen one photo of this device set up for use, , as i said clamped to the cockpit of a HE-111.

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  2. Thunderbox

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    Its just a bearing plate to enable measurement of horizontal angles relative to a compass or a fixed direction. Every ship has at least one (usually several) for recording fixes and running bearings, and the same was used in many aircraft for the same purpose.
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    I don't understand the process but I like the pictures of compass swinging

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