An Argentine in the Somersets.

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  1. Owen

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    Reading the History of 4th Bn S.L.I. a certain Argentinian Volunteer is mentioned who was a very brave and resourceful Officer.
    He was Lieutenant P.N.L. Priani MC.
    Looks like he was commissioned into Royal Fusiliers but served with 4 SLI from Normandy to Germany winning the MC in the process.
    Known as "Pedro" or " South American Joe" he was badly wounded in the arm , April 1945.
    I wonder if anyone knows what became of him, did he stay in the Uk or return to Argentina?

    Just looking at London Gazette I see his full name is Pedro Norberto Luis Priani
    This is from the Gazette of his MC.
    Gazette Website: PDF Navigator=

    Gazette Website: PDF Navigator=

    I think this is the date of his commission.
    Gazette Website: PDF Navigator=

    MC Citation from Bn History.
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    Owen, very interested in your research. i had a relative who served in 4th battalion Somerset light infantry, He was killed at Hill 112, on 11th July, 1944 in Normandy. His details are as follows 5676746 Corporal Kenneth William Tompkins. Would you have any further information ? Thanks john Tompkins
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    Hello John,
    He doesn't get a mention in the description of the battle but is listed in the Roll Of Honour.
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    Many thanks, I have researched him on the Commonwealth wargraves Website but I am trying to get extra information such as which Company he was serving with.
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    I forgot to say I had this message from his son on ww2f.

    my name is Martin Priani and I am Pedro Priani son.
    My father died on june l983,he allways lived here in Argentine,were he participated many years in politic.He participated during the 1955 revolution. He became governor of two diferent states.during the 50s and 60s.
    I would like to know if you knew him during the war .
    I will be waiting for your news.
    Martin Priani.
  6. Paul Reed

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    Thats interesting! Did you reply to him?
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    Hi Martin Priani, I am currently working on my mothers' diary from WW2 and Pedro Priani is mentioned here, staying at her place in Hengelo (NL). I would like to know a little more about your father. Can you contact me?
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    Forgive me bringing up Snr Priani, MC.

    I just spent 30 minutes answering a spammer who had copied from this thread.

    But not to let it go to waste:


    295518 Pedro Norberto Luis Priani, MC.

    He doesn't show as having been married or died in the UK.

    However, on 29 June 1946 he embarked on the "Highland Monarch" at London, destination Buenos Aires. Age is given as 29, London address was 1 Hamilton Place W1, his occupation given as "representative" Citizenship and where he intended to live are both given as Argentina.

    Sometime back I made contact with the UK expat community in Buenos Aires who were not only able to find me two photos of an Anglo-Argentinian airman killed in 1945 but biographies of all Anglo-Argentinians who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    I will ask them about Pedro and see if they can work their magic again.


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