Americans painting on captured German Helmets?

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    how common is it to find a german helmet with an american unit painting like this on it? i have found that "A" company of the 761st was partially responsible for breaking the sigfried line and fought in the battle of the bulge. they were also one of the first american units to meet up with the soviets at the river steyr in austria. and that their combat record is incredible. if you have not heard of their story i would recomend googleing the unit, there is tons of great info on them.


    and after talking with a helpful curator from Geneva N.Y. i was able to get a scan of a photo of the man on my helmet. there is one more helmet like this that i know of that Bob Linzy sent home to his sister, that helmet is in the Geneva historic society's meseum. i have researched Mr. Linzy and found he was on the 761st's war time roster, i have no proof but i suspect he stayed in germany after the war with other members of the 761st as part of the occupational forces. this is probably when they found the time to paint pictures on helmets and mail them back home, i am wondering if anyone else has seen more of these helmets from the 761st?

    here are some pictures i got from the Geneva N.Y. historic society.

    heres Robery Linzy on his tank. can any german readers tell what that says on the side of the tank? i am thinking its something like Where is the S.S?

    heres is the other helmet that i know of that he sent home. mine has a better painting on top, if you look at the black and white photo it almost looks like that is what the artist used for a guide when he painted my helmet.

    Linzy is mentioned in the battalions book "Come out Fighting!"
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    Missed this...
    Anyone ever seen any more of these?
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    Yep, German on the side of the Tank says "Where is the SS?" Doc
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    Yep, German on the side of the Tank says "Where is the SS?" Doc

    Spot on with the translation.


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