American soldiers in North Wales

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    We had American soldiers training for D Day in our village of Dolwyddelan, North Wales in 1944. They camped for a week, against local advice, on the flood plain in Roman Bridge and the inevitable happened . . . there was a flood. The whole camp was washed away along with tents, ammunition and weapons, which are still being found.
    I have a photo of the camp, and a newspaper report, but unfortunately no one know what unit they were from or what part of America they came from. Does anyone have any hints on where I could look for more information please.
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    We have a sister site based in the US of A that might help - WWII Forums - wait and see what happens here as well, someone may know and we do have some Americans (I know sad isn't it) as members on here as well so perhaps they will pick up on your thread

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    Could you tell us the date it happened ? It may help .

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