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  1. dga99

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    Can someone tell me what the initials "MD" in Box #4 designates? I'm having problems finding this veterans regular unit that he was assigned to. He was transferred to the 30th Evacuation Hospital for his return to the US but that wasn't his assigned unit.

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    Not sure how the American Military works but I'd guess the M stands for Medical looking at the unit he was with
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    I've added 'American' to the thread title.
    It'll help attract the attention of those who can help.
  4. dga99

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    Can anyone tell me what the initials "MD" in box #4 (Arm or Service) on the attached Form 53-55 would indicate?

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  5. dga99

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    The 30th Evacuation Hospital was not his regular assigned unit. He was transferred to the 30th Evac Hospital for his return trip to the US. One person suggested that "MD" might mean "Marine Detachment" but I did think that the Marines were a part of US Army in WWII
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    Might be too obvious but don't the Americans call their doctors MD s?
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    good day dga99,junior 53-55.well your thumbnail shows it to be a field box to be medical doctor.or medical department.(could be rong) regards bernard85. :salut:
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    Merged duplicate threads asking same question.
  10. Earthican

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    MD - Medical Department

    Other Medical branches described here:

    Do you have reason to believe he served with a Medical Detachment to an Infantry regiment or Field Artillery battalion or other? Medics are more likely to identify with these units in combat but they were still Medical Department personnel.
  11. dga99

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    I am now convinced that "MD" does designate "Medical Department". That was my first guess when I saw that his organization was the 30th Evacuation Hospital. However I knew that it wasn't his regular assigned unit so I was looking for other meanings. However I forgot that the discharge papers represent the last unit that he was assigned to at time of discharge and not his regular unit. Now I have to try to find out what his regular unit was. If his OMPF didn't survive the 1973 fire then I might never find out.

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