Amateur 16mm: Family building their home in Berlin, 1930-1940

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  1. Greetings,

    I have found yet an other gem of amateur film recording, and could not resist acquiring the lot.

    This collection consists of 50 minutes of original B/W 16mm footage, 1 large spool and two smaller reels.

    It is likely the father or other member of the family took these films to catalogue the construction of their home that they are building. It begins with cleaning and laying the very foundation of the house and ends at the last stage, such as placing bathroom furniture. They appear to haver been taken late 1930 early 1940s. There are bright sunny scenes but also scenes with snow.

    I have found the location of the house, and it is still there on Google maps, exactly as seen in the later stages of the film. I also got a numberplate for the car seen in a lot of shots.

    My plans with this collection are the following:
    1. Get in contact with the current residents of the home and show them this film.
    2. Get in contact with descendants and family of the people seen in the recording and show them the collection.
    3. Publish the entire collection on YouTube in FullHD from a 4K scan, if the descendants are alright with this.

    Unfortunately I do not live in Germany, let alone Berlin. And my schedule is already rather full.

    So I would like to ask if there are any websites or places in Germany/Berlin that could help me out.

    And if anybody here has the time to maybe get into contact with the current residents of the home, ask what other families lived there.

    I think it would be amazing if we could reunite these films with descendants and eventually publish these recordings online. Any help will be really appreciated. More info will be shared in PM.

    Frames from DSLR video of projected film, not final digitisation:





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  2. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    I live in Germany, go to Berlin from time to time, but

    how about our man in Berlin? Should we investigate this location?
  3. Slipdigit is already helping me on the ww2f forum.
    I will keep this thread actual with updates, if this goes as planned.

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