ALPEN ( ALPON) Germany. Op „Blockbuster“ and „Veritable“ Feb.-March 1945

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  1. Uwe Sewing

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    Hey Lee.
    In first , sorry for my late reply.
    Did your father had maybe Photos Maps or AAR,s

    I thing it is better you contact me under:

    Regards Uwe
  2. Pak75

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    Hi Uwe
    WD number is for a Cromwell Mark IV according to Osprey Vanguard book.
    The 40 tactical sign and WD number more than likely indicate an HQ tank from 11th Armoured Division. I have seen a photo of WD 187740 which is 11 AD HQ tank.
    However the Raging Bull insignia is unusually not visible near MG which means there is a possibility it is HQ tank Guards Armoured Division.
    If the photo location is correct in Bonninghardt then it will be a Guards HQ tank as 11 AD only advanced as far as Sonsbeck before withdrawing to Belgium.
    Can't quite see cap badge...
  3. George Miller

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    Hi Uwe - Hopefully you are still monitoring this site.

    I can tell you that the US Army 30th Infantry Division HQ was in Alpen (Alpon) from March 18th to March 25th, 1945, and the entire division was in the area preparing for the Rhine River crossing at that time.

    The Division HQ you mention in #4 is for the 30th Infantry Division, and my father was present there then. Eisenhower being present at this time, and watching an air drop of troops is also mentioned in another work: Conquer – The Story of Ninth Army, 1944-1945, by Theodore Parker. You can find it online.

    Do you happen to know the name/location of the hotel in the picture of Eisenhower's jeep?


  4. Baeumchen

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    even if I'm not Uwe: the hotel name was "Terheggen". In the meantime it has been torn down. The coordinates were: 51.575187, 6.511159. Are you sure it's Eisenhauer in the picture?

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