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    Former Queen's Bench justice Sirois dead at 89


    Family, friends and members of Saskatchewan's legal community are gathering this week to celebrate the life of retired Queen's Bench justice Allyre Sirois, who died Saturday at the age of 89.

    Born in 1923 in the small town of Vonda, Sirois joined the Canadian Army during the Second World War and eventually played a highly dangerous role behind enemy lines in support of the French resistance.

    Loaned out to Britain's elite Special Operations Executive (SOE) for his radio skills and French-speaking abilities, he parachuted into southern France with fellow agents in 1944 and spent the next six months working to undermine the Nazi occupation, under constant threat of betrayal and death.

    Sirois was awarded France's Croix de Guerre medal and named a Member of the British Empire for his bravery and service in wartime. In 2005, his story was featured in The Secret Liberators, a History Television documentary about individual acts of courage in the fight to free Europe from tyranny.

    "People here can't imagine what it's like to live under the boot of an invader where there's no liberty, there's no freedom. It's slavery," he told The StarPhoenix in an interview at the age of 81. "The thing was to try to do your share to stop this, whichever way you could, and that's what I did."

    After the war, Sirois returned to Saskatchewan and married Madeleine AnneMarie Ehman in 1948. The couple had six children before her death in 1980.

    Sirois studied law at the University of Saskatchewan and was called to the Saskatchewan bar in 1951. He worked for the firm of Culliton and MacLean in Gravelbourg until his appointment to the bench in 1964.

    He was the first judge in the province to preside over a French-language trial and served as President of l'Association Culturelle Franco-Canadienne in 1963-64.

    Sirois sat as a judge for 34 years, stepping down from the bench in 1998, six months before he reached the mandatory retirement age of 75.

    His early departure followed the completion of a report by the Canadian Judicial Council regarding several complaints about controversial remarks he'd previously made during court hearings.

    Sirois was circumspect about the controversy when he spoke to a reporter in 2005.

    "You can't please everybody, especially when you're on the bench," he said. "You please somebody, you just displease others. But I have nothing to regret. My judgments were never appealed and that's the telling part."

    A prayer vigil will be held for Sirois tonight at Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens Parish, followed by a mass Thursday morning at Cathedral of the Holy Family.

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    :poppy: Allyre Sirois. RIP :poppy:


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