All CWGC Indian Army deaths in Excel file:WW2

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    While looking for something else, I came across the following link, which contains a further link to an Excel download (Excel 2007 format) for all the Indian Army deaths during WW2, based on a file provided by the CWGC, produced by the person concerned in able to perform sorting.

    Northeasterners in the World Wars - Brahmaputra Studies Database
    Northeasterners in the World Wars 10 May 2011, by P. Ramirez from the website Brahmaputra Studies. The author has an interest in the Indian Labour Corps.

    There is also a similar download for WW1.

    Also "Indian Soldiers died in Italy during World War II: 1943-45", from cross.pdf


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  2. dryan67

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    The spreadsheet must have involved a major amount of research.
  3. bamboo43

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    A massive effort to produce that Excel sheet.
  4. TijgerB

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    I had to do such a spreadsheet myself in my research because CWGC is not the best when it come to Indian casualties.

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