Alfred Ernest Patey Royal Marine Light Infantry/Royal Marines 16262

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    Looking for help on deciphering the records of another great grandfather. My Nana's dad was Alfred Ernest Patey. He joined the Royal Marines Light Infantry in 1912 and appears to have stayed in service until 1933.

    He appears to have left the service a that post but presumably was on a reserve list? Whether he was recalled or volunteered his record shows him back in the Marines by August 1939 and he stayed I'm until August 1945 where he was discharged "Class A". His time in service was so long that his record has been carried over onto the unused portion of another man's file!



    These files were downloaded free from the National Archives but it would seem reasonable to assume that there must be more documentation somewhere. I've successfully managed to obtain my grandfather and other great grandfather's service records from the MOD. Would the process be the same for Royal Marines records or are the held by someone else?

    Any help with this or with General deciphering of what I do have greatly appreciated.
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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Is this the file you downloaded?:

    Reference: ADM 159/189/16262
    Name Patey, Alfred Ernest
    Register Number: 16262
    Division: Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division
    When Enlisted/Date of Enlistment: 24 February 1912
    Date of Birth: 01 September 1894
    Date: [1910-1912]
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

    Alfred Ernest Patey in the UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972

    Name: Alfred Ernest Patey
    Medal or Award: RN Long Service and Good conduct Medal
    Service Year: 1925-1930
    Ship Name: R M


    Alfred E Patey in the UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972

    Name: Alfred E Patey
    Medal or Award: Star, Victory Medal, British War Medal
    Service Year: 1914-1920
    Service Location: Europe
    Campaign or Service: World War I
    Service number: 146554

    I hope all the above refers to your man
  4. Incredibledisc

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    Thanks Mark - their research guides were pretty good. Looks like I might have to apply to a few places to get the whole story.
  5. Incredibledisc

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    Hey TD,

    The first bit is definitely the two photographs I posted. The first medal roll extract you posted is him also. The last file is not him... I think! - same name but the service numbers don't match up and the service record extract I have doesn't show any promotion to PO (Petty Officer I assume?) I found that one on Ancestry a while back but put it in the "not sure file".

    Just googled his name and he is listed on the IWMs "lives of the First World War" site but they require a subscription to see the file they got their data from - is it likely to be the same file I've already got for free?
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    Thats the choice you need to make, I wouldn't have thought that there were too many RM's with the name Albert E Patey, but I have been caught out in similar circumstances previously :(

  7. Incredibledisc

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    Yeah, I'd didn't think his name was that common either. It gets problematic when you're dealing with records that only have initials - thank goodness service numbers etc help separate the sheep from the goats.
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    The third file that TD posted is for a RN petty officer and not a royal marine so i would rule that out.
    Also the third attachment in your first post (medal file) for Albert Patey b. 1926 is a merchant seaman during WW2 so you could rule that out too.

  9. Incredibledisc

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    Thanks Hugh - do you mean Alfred? Right name but still the wrong man :-D
  10. Hugh MacLean

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    Yes, sorry, a senior moment on my part, again :)
    Alfred Patey mentioned in the attachment was born in 1926 and served during WW2 in the Merchant Navy - the list is all merchant seamen.

  11. Incredibledisc

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    Thanks Hugh. Had me scratching my head until I puzzled it out. Plonked down my six quid to the IWM site and found it was the same service record - not even as much as I got from the National Archives - just the one page that covers his WW1 service. Live and learn :-/

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